Psychologist Serap Duygulu said in an image that brought social media to Odatv:

Educator Maksut Balmuk and psychologist Serap Duygulu evaluated Odatv while discussing student behavior towards teachers at a private school in Ankara.

At a private school in Ankara, a video recording the student’s actions towards the teacher was a big hit. In the video, there is a moment when you dance next to the instructor and touch your face. Surprised by what happened, the teacher warns the students during their retreat.

The Ankara Department of Education has announced that investigation into the case has begun.

The response image is as follows:

Evaluated ODATV

The images caused controversy, but educator Maksut Balmuk and psychologist Serap Duygulu evaluated Odatv.

Maksut Balmuk, “The performers of these images are 20 years of power itself.” Then, if Serap Duygulu said, “This situation cannot be identified by the child’s adolescence and impulsive behavior. There is something else here.” Said.

Maksut Balmuk, “Private school” Serap Duygulu for images, while attracting attention “To overcome the distance between the teachers, which we call the power range. That’s right.” He emphasized that the case cannot be described as a joke.

Educator Maksut Balmuk told Odatv:

“The performers of these images are the government itself for 20 years. It destroys the honor of the teaching profession and separates the teacher’s room as chief, professional, paid, candidate, permanent, contract, private school, public school, all. The application is subject to investigation and crime by Alo 147 “. As if this were not enough, the government is responsible for these images, paving the way for student-friendly unlimited tolerance in class progress and student disciplinary action. A A structure has been created in which parents are considered more influential and respected than educators. The government has emptied itself, alienating education from secular, scientific, public and democratic education systems, and completely emptiing it as a product of religious and compelling generational projects. And it paved the way for the privatization of education at this time. At the time of your opening, it was ignored that the education system, including independent schools, should emphasize not only education but also the element of “education”. Problems experienced in teachers’ social, personal and financial rights are ignored, but the problem-solving mechanism in education is exhausted by unqualified and apocalyptic appointments from the center to school administration. ..

Psychologist Serap Duygulu tells Odatv about the image:

“We think it’s adolescence. We think of these kids as a few different behaviors. Yes, it can be an extreme shift during adolescence. Sometimes experience. The hormonal irregularities that a child can throw at various extremes when a child finds his or her identity, but especially adolescent-like behavior to teachers representing educational authorities. A world of education where every child must obey certain rules.

There is a hierarchical order, which represents an educational institution. Therefore, you need to follow certain rules when joking or communicating with older individuals there to train you. You will learn these rules first in your family. We grew up with a value that we call “love my little children and respect my elders.” If not, you are obliged to give them to your children as a parent.

Infinity, there are situations that exceed the limits of these images. This is not explained in adolescence. I’m not kidding. So-called jokes are situations that entertain both sides. Events that put one of the parties in a difficult situation and confuse them are not a joke.

This situation, which takes place in places with certain rules, such as schools, is to cross national borders and exceed limits. From time to time, in certain circumstances, children may engage in behaviors such as drawing attention and guiding groups by doing such conflicting behaviors. The key here is whether this behavior is supported and whether the child faces the consequences of his behavior as a result of this behavior. But what the child faces as a result of this behavior, he knows that his behavior is wrong. It is important that the child learns lessons from this behavior as a result of this behavior. Also, the educational conditions of the school should not vary by institution, person, teacher, child, or family, as this will be a lesson for other students. In other words, the standards for educational issues, such as private schools, public schools, and schools with high socio-economic status, must be very clear. In other words, we need to ensure the unity of education. “

The teacher who spoke for the first time

The teacher said he didn’t want to lose the student by mistake and spoke to the student and his parents after the incident and said, “Forgive me. I met him, I also met his parents. But we. The State Department of Education has begun an investigation. The process of the investigation tells us, but I forgave him. This is our child, we can’t throw it away. ” He said.

Happened before

On the other hand, this is not the first time I have despised my teacher. There have been many similar incidents so far.

In the Corlu district of Tekirdag, a teacher who was teaching at Ahievran Vocational Technology Anatolian High School was ridiculed by the students, and the teacher slapped the students.

In the video, a student who is seen standing up and wearing a hoodie while the teacher is giving a lecture in the classroom is mocking the teacher’s costume, touching his ears and walking around. When the teacher warns the students, laughter erupts from the classroom. An angry teacher slaps a student. Next, a standing student hugs the teacher and lifts it into the air.

Here is a controversial image:

On November 23, 2019, students who behaved as if they weren’t there when the teacher was in the classroom were repulsed. The students who sat down and hit the wall also made a monkey-like sound.

Those moments are:

Following the pandemic

During the pandemic, contempt for teachers continued. In the online class, students became an agenda to look down on teachers.

In 2020, student scandalous movements in courses held online for a pandemic became a social media agenda. Known on social media as “Where are you divine remix”, the students struggled with the teacher, imitating the image of their aunt singing.

In the footage, the disciples were seen snuggling under the shroud and waving their heads to the accompaniment of the chant.

The contempt for the teacher was: