Proposal of a new “election threshold” in Congress

The People’s Union has completed work on amending relevant laws, parliamentary elections and party laws.

Bills on parliamentary elections and amendments to some legislation made in this context were submitted to the chair by AKP’s Vice-Chair of Political Legal Hayati Yazıcı and Vice-Chair Feti Yıldız. MHP for legal and election issues.

Printer: “Provides a 7 percent reduction”

AKP Vice-Chairman Yazıcı said he had submitted a bill to the Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, including lowering the election threshold. printer, “”We propose an election threshold of 7%. That’s 10% for the 15-point bill. Political parties no longer need to form a group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Said.

The 15 proposals were submitted with the joint signature of AKP and MHP. If the proposal is accepted, the election threshold will be reduced to 7%. Forming groups in parliament is not enough to participate in elections, and political parties that are fully organized can participate in elections.

By proposal, the number of agents issued by the parties forming the alliance will be determined by a D’Hondt application based on the number of votes obtained by the members within the alliance.

AKP-MHP Joint Statement

AKP Vice-Chair Hayati Yazıcı and MHP Vice-Chair Feti Yıldız have released details of the election bill in Parliament.

The highlights of the printer statement are:

“The first article of the proposal proposes to lower the national election threshold to 7. In the second article, if the total number of votes received by the alliance exceeds the national threshold, the election The constituency members are calculated and distributed. According to the third paragraph of this article, we recommend this, taking into account the number of votes of each party in the alliance. “

“Article 3 removes from the body of the article the condition that a political party has a group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for participation in the election. It is assumed that the political party will need to make a transaction thereafter. Percentage of organizations in each election. “

“By drawing a lot …”

“Article 5 of our proposal proposes a new rule regarding the State Election Commission, which is regulated by Article 15 of Law No. 238. In accordance with this rule, the chairs, members, And introduce rules for determining deputy members. The Local Election Commission will draw from among the judges assigned to the first class. If there are no judges assigned to the class, seniority order Article 6 of the proposal proposes a similar placement for the district. Election Commission. “

“Latest voting phrase”

“In the elections held in Article 8 of the Proposal, the address created based on the address of the settlement will be updated to the address one year ago.

Those who are not listed in the address registration system due to the closure of their address in Article 9 of the offer will register their voters according to the last registered address. We aim to prevent citizens from falling off the logs.

In the tenth article of the offer, we will add the phrase “He was the last voter” for those who do not appear in the address registration system due to address closure. “

“Matal Elections” Article

“In Article 11 of the proposal, we are trying to harmonize with the presidential system. Here, the ban on the prime minister and the minister in Article 65 is agreed as the minister. Again, the word” prime minister “is the text of the article.

We propose the following paragraphs in Article 12 of the Proposal for Elections of Local Government and Neighboring Muktar and Article 32 of the Law of Number 2972. According to the election results, if the No. 1 candidate for Muktar is documented within a month at the latest, and if it is documented that he is eligible to be elected, he will be brought into the process. If not, is the second and third, which aims to abolish the practice of renewing the Muktal elections with the wrong practice.

“The goal is for more parties to attend parliament.”

The statement of Feti Yıldız, Vice President of MHP, is as follows:

“I hope the bill will bring blessings to our country and our country. The content of the party law and the election law is an important practice that sets the democratic standard of the country. The bill applies from 10% of the parliamentary election law. The election standards of the countries in which they are being held will be reduced to 7%, which is aimed at entering parliament. “

“Votes were observed”

“Election thresholds have changed. In calculating the number of agents issued by each party forming an alliance, it is determined by the percentage of votes they receive in the constituency. Political parties and independent candidates Seats were allocated according to the number of seats. The visibility of each party within the alliance was improved outside the alliance. It was also taken into consideration that it would not be reflected in other parties. “

“Bids will raise the bar for democracy.”

“Putting a group in parliament is a matter of parliamentary activity. The condition of organizing and holding a parliament to participate in elections was raised as a sufficient condition. Forming a group alone It was not considered sufficient. To participate in the elections. This bill raised the standards of our democracy even higher.


BBP President Mustafa Destich, the youngest partner of the People’s Union, opposes the 7 percent standard. “We will unite as an alliance partner, but if that remains, I will not vote for the proposal,” Destich said in response to the 7% election standard agreed by AKP and MHP. Destici previously said that the threshold for the alliance system is no longer important and should be 3 percent, giving a message that 5 percent would look positive.

Is the reason “decrease in MHP”?

Previously, there was a comment that lowering the threshold was associated with a decrease in the number of votes cast by MHP. According to the law, changes to the election law must be made at least one year before the election to take effect.