Prohibited until further notice

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According to the latest assessment by the Directorate General of Meteorology, our country is predicted to be partially and partially cloudy, with snow in and around the Marmara, Central Anatolia, Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and Kutahya circles. .. Sanliurfa and Adıyaman for the first few hours this morning. Precipitation is expected to be in the form of heavy snow and heavy snow around eastern Marmara, Istanbul, the Black Sea coast, eastern Anatolia and southeastern Anatolia, Gumushane, Bayburt and Artvin. There is a risk of avalanches inside the Black Sea and in the highlands, as well as in the snowy slopes of Eastern Anatolia. Ice and frost are expected in the north, inland and east.

In the south, temperatures have dropped by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius, with no major changes elsewhere, estimated to be below normal for the national season.

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Heavy snow and high snow warning

Expected snowfall is strong and localized in the eastern part of Marmara, Istanbul, the Black Sea coast, Gumushhane, Bayburt, Bingöl, Mus, Bitlis, Erzurum, Kars, Ardahan, Hackari, around Van, and in the north. Part of the provinces of Diyarbakır, Batman and Siirt. This place is expected to be in the form of heavy snow. Care and caution are required due to heavy snowfall, icing, frost, interruptions in transport, diminished visibility during precipitation, and the risk of avalanches due to new snowfall in the eastern and eastern Anatolia of the Black Sea.

Istanbul’s orange warning and snow measures

As snowfall is expected in Istanbul, warnings will be issued one after another. While meteorology gave Istanbul an orange warning, Governor Ali Ericaya asked not to go out unless necessary. Yerlikaya also announced that motorcycles, electric scooters and motor coolers will not be allowed until further notice.

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Last minute ... Istanbul Governor Yerlikaya's heavy snow has been announced: banned until the second announcement

New message from Governor YERLIKAYA

Governor Ericaya said, “Good morning, my fellow citizens. Thank you for taking into account all the warnings we have made over the days and complying with the rules. According to weather data, today A strong #snowfall is expected in Istanbul. Please, don’t go to traffic today unless mandated. “

IMM Presidential Statement 0054 MAMOĞ LU

Ekrem ו mamoğlu, Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has issued a statement about snowfall at AKOM.

Pointing out that all state agencies and organizations are working together in the fight against snow, Imamoul said: And unless we take responsibility together, we are in a city where it is not easy to find a solution no matter what we actually do, unless we create this synchronized feeling. This is because the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality serves 9,500 and 10,000 employees. In the field with more than 2000 vehicles. However, if there is a line in the field where the vehicle does not move, it is naturally difficult to get results regardless of the number of vehicles or the number of employees. In this regard, I sincerely to the 16 million citizens and fellow citizens who have shown their utmost attention and compliance to all warnings during the last two snowfalls and to this day. I would like to express my gratitude. On the contrary, as we always say, we live and live the days of discussing the beauty and abundance of snow. In that sense, I want to express happiness again. ”

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Call “Don’t pay attention”

Snowfall is said to be effective primarily in the western districts of the city, and Imamoul encourages citizens to stay out of traffic, prefer public transport, and take precautions except in essential situations. I called. The metro service has announced that it will continue until 02:00 pm, and Imamoul said the metro bus will continue to operate on a 24-hour basis. Sharing that IETT will arrange additional flights as needed, Imamoul said there is no problem with the city line. Imamoul emphasized the availability of 100,000 food and 54,000 transportation materials delivered to citizens and employees with potential traffic congestion, and said IMM’s salt inventory was sufficient. ..

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Avalanche danger warning.

You need to be aware of the negatives that can occur due to the risk of avalanches on inland areas of the eastern Black Sea and on slopes with heavy snowfall in eastern Anatolia.

Warning of ice and frost events

Accretion and frost are expected in the north, inland and east, so you need to be aware of adverse conditions.

Strong wind warning

Wind; caution and caution as it is expected to blow in the form of intense, short-term storms (40-70 km / h) from western Marmara, the Aegean coast, north and northeast of the Mediterranean. Against possible negativity.