Professor Dr. Must-See: With 500-600 calories a day, playing sports for hours can be a problem


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People who work hard on weekdays and can’t move or overeat will try to make up for this by exercising hard on weekends.To these “Weekend Warrior” It’s called. However, this load may cause injury.

Professor of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Must-see for Dr. Gökay, “People who get injured on the weekend will come.” To tell. Weekend warriors cycle for miles, walk for hours, and jog for two days off work. They remove pain from weekday calories by eating less. Sometimes they think they’re doing something good, but sometimes they don’t get what they want.

Must-see: “The joints are overloaded and self-harm. After the pandemic, I started seeing something like a weekend warrior. I stayed at home for a long time, walking 20,000 steps for 7 days, and on the 8th day I couldn’t play sports or gain weight. direction ‘none’ You can step. Exercise also needs balance. “

Be careful from the neck down

As you know, human life is getting longer. Many of us are interested in our faces in the mirror and are trying to stay young. But it’s not just our faces that age. For years, it ages our muscles, skeletons and joints. One way to slow down this process is to exercise.

Gokay should see

He says that in order to stay healthy, you need to focus your eyes on your body and at least take care of your face below your neck. “Like we didn’t look like the picture 10 years ago, so are our internal organs, joints, and cartilage. They also get old and deteriorate. Ankles, knees, and shoulders weigh down. Support. That’s why it’s old. Bring sports closer to your life and slow down this process. “

Exercise has antidepressant effects

Exercise is essential not only for the musculoskeletal system, but for the whole body. Hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin released after exercise make you feel better.

For example, endorphins act as mild analgesics and serotonin acts as antidepressants. “Exercise feels good, it makes you smile. The more we smile, the more happy hormones we release. We exercise regularly and continuously. If so, our bodies continue in a systematic way in a determined order within themselves. To maintain this order, it is even important to walk for 10 to 15 minutes each day. “

He should look, exercise and give tips for maintaining muscle, skeletal and joint health …

What is the most aging muscle and joint?

Immovable … Working iron is shining. If you don’t move, your blood circulation will worsen. The body does not feel alive. He reacts positively as soon as efforts are made to act. Again, if you don’t move, your muscles will contract. Does not support joints during contraction. Cartilage destruction is in progress. The patient may need to wear a prosthesis. When treated with the right patient, the results of the prosthetic surgery will be satisfactory, but of course it is better to keep the body in its original shape.

How did the pandemic affect our exercise habits?

In the early days of the pandemic, we experienced great stress for months for fear of getting sick. I think that there are many people whose menstrual age goes up just by stress. As the pandemic gradually subsided, the first inactivity began to reveal certain problems. And I realized that in the online sports program, you can play sports even if you are caught between four walls.

People over the age of 65 remained closed at home for a long time …

People over the age of 65 are becoming more and more distant from movement. He had many additional problems with that. He began to have increased joint pain and obesity. Treatment of muscle laziness due to inactivity progressed more slowly. I would like to reiterate that not only the elderly but also at home can easily take 5,000 steps. No treadmill or gym required. It can be moved back and forth on flat ground, in the living room, and in the hallways of the house. You can also practice climbing stairs. As long as you want it.

Back and back pain shift to childhood

What happened because it took too long to see the screen?

The ever-increasing amount of time to see the screen adds to the existing pain. Posture-related pain has shifted to a very young age. I have more pain in my back, lower back and whole body. Even a 15-year-old child began to see the pain seen in adults. The definitive solution to this problem is to evolve towards a healthy and active life. Otherwise, you will face pain between the ages of 15 and 100.

How did weight gain affect it?

Obesity increases the strain on the knees. With the spread of obesity, this burden has led to more injuries such as cartilage and meniscus damage and ligament rupture in adolescents. Losing extra weight or gaining muscle protects your joints. It reduces the strain on your knees. Minimize damage to joints by gaining muscle mass, reducing fat mass, and controlling weight. The more you move, the more muscle you gain, and the less often you sit, the healthier you become and the more you protect yourself from chronic illness.

How does sitting in front of the screen for hours reflect on the musculoskeletal system?

The body has a stance angle, a balance of muscles and joints that we need to protect. We are now beginning to see the postural disorders we see in the elderly and adolescents. Inevitably, we bring our head and body to the front of the screen. The muscle has lost its original position. Our posture, especially in front of the screen, desk, and cell phone, is not suitable for our body. This posture with the head forward causes tension in the neck muscles after a while. Problems that adversely affect daily life begin, such as pain, insomnia due to pain, severe loss of function, and impaired concentration.

So how can you protect your spine health?

We can train ourselves to stand upright. The muscles around the back and spine can be strengthened with posture training and regular exercise. Swimming is the most beneficial sport that minimizes gravity, reduces joint strain and protects the spine in summer and winter. Pilates is also recommended for spinal health. Outdoor walks and cycling are good options.

Knee pain is a very common complaint. Why do our knees hurt so much?

If the muscles do not support the joints, joint pain and degeneration will occur. Signs of musculoskeletal aging are found in the most load-bearing areas. The knees and hips are especially affected. The muscles in these areas are not strong enough. However, it accounts for most of the weight of the body. Next comes the hips, legs and ankles. Almost every point that makes up our body and skeleton begins to wear over time. Knee pain due to posture disorders and weight bearing is at the forefront of Japan. Structurally, we are a society where knee pain is very common. Because there is little movement. After a certain age, we do not maintain muscle mass and do not pay attention to weight.

What should I consider to exercise without injury?

Those who want a quick response are impatient, and those who are suddenly overloaded are the most injured. It is better to walk than to run. You can walk every day, but wear proper shoes. You don’t have to go to the gym. Everywhere is actually a sports field. As long as you know the right movements and exercises. Whatever you do, do it regularly. Please have a medical examination in advance. If you work in the gym, working in the same muscle group every day can make you tired. One day I move my legs, then my arms, and then my stomach.

I can divide athletes into two groups.Between 8am and 10am “Boss hour”. People who play sports during this time are healthy and have no problems. Some office workers play sports in the hall after 6 pm after work. There are also two types. People go social, they don’t get hurt. Others really want to play sports, they work hard.

You need sports according to your age. Joints also have the ability to bend. The cruciate ligament does not tear in children aged 10 to 15 years, but tearing develops with age. This is because the stretching ability is reduced. Overload is bad for your health. Be sure to warm up and cool down. You cannot travel 100 km at a time, travel 0 km, or stop a vehicle that has traveled 100 km at a time.

Time to lose weight “Crazy sports” Is it correct to do?

I admire the courage of the people who made it! Eating 500-600 calories a day and playing sports for hours can cause problems. Losing weight in a very short time with extreme diet and exercise means leaving a person under the rubble of an earthquake. The crush syndrome found in people who have been deprived of food or water or who are under debris in an earthquake can develop. The internal organs such as the kidneys are getting worse. Do not exercise to lose weight. It is overrated when it is done to lose weight. It may cause injury. Exercise alone does not lose weight. It must be done with a program recommended by a dietitian.

Are the sports equipment installed in the park by the municipality used correctly?

Anyone who doesn’t know what the tool does and how it works will get injured. They move fast. Maybe next to the tools there is text explaining what they do and how they are used.

Is it dangerous to play sports with apps or YouTube videos?

You can see some very good exercises in some apps. I also use it from time to time. However, while the application is being prepared, they can be checked by health professionals to prevent movements from causing injuries. For example, it is not correct for a person with a slight crevice in his knee to crouch. The tears grow bigger.