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At the end of December, the minimum wage was raised by 52% to 4,253 lira. However, when annual inflation exceeded 50%, millions of workers expected a second increase in the minimum wage. The possibility of a second increase in the minimum wage is most discussed after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Look at inflation and the situation in July and reassess the situation of employees if necessary.” It happened while I was in. Recent topics.

As the discussion continues, we will continue to explain this subject. Returning from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Belgium, “We are only three months now. By the middle of the year, my Minister of Labor and Social Affairs will bring me the current situation. In fact, Vedat・ Bay exchanged opinions with the union sincerely, and as a result of negotiations in the middle of the year, “If such an evaluation is necessary, we will never refrain from doing so to the citizens, especially the workers. Better than hands. “

“In unusual circumstances, the lowest price will be evaluated.”

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, said of the matter:


“As for the minimum wage, first of all, this year’s minimum wage increase is over 50% and it is very important to exclude the minimum wage from taxation. The minimum wage is exempt from tax on all income. People who work at fixed wages, AGI has been abolished, the business they say will lower wages. He made a mistake. Labor law clearly prohibits returning from agreed wages. Minimum wage requirements If the parliament submits it to the agenda and does not change it, it will of course be decided in December, and if there are any unusual conditions, these conditions will be considered and evaluated. The situation shows December. The legal decision date for the new minimum wage is December.

Are you ready in 6 months?


AK Party Vice-Chairman Numan Kurtulmusch asked, “Are you ready for the minimum wage from the sixth month?” Recalling that it was said that an additional increase could occur in July, when civil servant salaries were raised, “Talking about the private sector shows that Turkey is entering an extraordinary economic period. There is tremendous pressure. Living expenses are on our citizens and we can use all means to mitigate this. We consider it essential to take advantage of it. To execute. ”

TÜRK-0054Ş: There is no such regulation in the law

Ergün Atalay, President of Turkish Business, asked the general public, “Is there a minimum wage meeting in June?” “We have never talked about the minimum wage in June. That day is December. The parties will meet in December,” he said.

Mr. Atarei said people should not expect expectations, “whether it will be June. There is no such regulation in the law. Can the rulers of the country do it? They Do so. If you’re invited to that table in June, you’ll be happy to sit down. If they don’t call, whatever you’ve lost since January, put our losses on the table in December. Without it, we wouldn’t sign the problem. Therefore, people shouldn’t be expected. Do the people have economic problems? Yes. Is there a problem? These need to be completely resolved. But you can’t expect people. People ask this. The public asks. Who is his minimum wage authority? We are the Ministry of Labor and its parties. So when I get back to this, I’ll talk to the minister again. Until now, there’s always a meeting in December. Systematize it. Society shouldn’t expect four months. You say something When you have to do that. “


Second employment law revision conditions

According to Milliyet news, legislative changes are needed to redefine the minimum wage in July. If the law is enacted, the annual committee will be held for the second time. The second increase in retirees and civil servants in July also applies to minimum wage earners. However, other formulas may come to the fore.

Expectations for a new minimum wage in 2022

If the minimum wage is raised by half a year, the new minimum wage will be around 20 according to the latest data, according to experts, who said inflation could be based on or near the inflation rate in the first six months of 2022. Percentage percentage. In this case, the minimum wage could increase by about 850 TL from July. Therefore, the new minimum wage can reach 5,100 TL.

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