Presidential International Yacht Race Press Conference-TRTSpor

Turkey Sailing Federation President Ozrem Akdurak, Istanbul Offshore Yacht Racing Club President Ekremjemrihaol, Istanbul Youth Sports Director Bruhanettetin Hachikafe Roul, DHL Express Turkey CEO Musta Fatongs, President International Yacht Racing Sports Director Enginyu Vactash attended a conference held in Atatur.

Özlem Akdurak said in her statement that they are fighting Turkey to become the center of sailing and yacht racing.“Thanks to everyone who supported yacht racing to take a quick step towards becoming a brand of the international community. Our country is the center of sailing in the world due to geographical and wind conditions. It has the ideal sailing conditions to be. The competition of hundreds of athletes on our land shows how well Turkey has progressed in sailing. This race has been a tradition in the coming years. It turns out to be an important race of national and global literature. “DiTalked to

Ekrem Yemlihaoğlu used the following expression to express that the president’s international yacht race continued with great interest by the masses:

“The addition of our idyllic nature creates great opportunities for national development. Three years ago, when the pandemic situation and great uncertainty prevailed, our Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Ersoy Takes this opportunity to ask the Tourism Development Agency to investigate. Over the past three years, many countries have spent a great deal of effort in visual and written media. Dozens of important press. Welcomed, this number continues to grow .. Going far beyond the notion of main sponsor DHL Express Turkey and its invaluable CEO Mustafa Tonguç sponsorship, we are working on the recognition of this organization around the world. From Turkey Promoting the organization for more than tens of thousands of shipments abroad. I think this is the best example to explain these efforts. Even from the sealess Switzerland, two sailing teams race in all of these efforts. I am in the registered Mugra Turkey. I own the brand. “

Yemlihaoğlu said he decided to plant saplings in Marmaris and create a memorial forest for all athletes participating in the race.

Hacıcafe roğlu: “We attach great importance to international yacht racing.”

Burhanettin Hacıcafe roğlu, Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Istanbul, noted the importance of the Presidential International Yacht Race for the promotion of the country and shared the following views.

“Since we first started, the number of participants has increased significantly. It’s not easy to start an organization. It’s not easy to start an organization. Its growth, yachting, sailing sports are with us and ours. Important to the country. The finals of Tokyo 2020 are a sign of the development of this branch. Not only in sports, but also in terms of sports tourism. “I believe this will be a great contribution. In this context we are these. We take racing very seriously. We will grow further in the next few years. We will make a far greater contribution to our country in terms of sports tourism. “

Tonguç: “We aim to contribute to the promotion of our country.”

Mustafa Tonguç, CEO of DHL Express, said he would like to contribute to Turkey’s promotion by supporting the President’s international yacht racing.

“We are pleased to be able to keep up with the speed of logistics in sailing.” Tongs said, “We aim to increase the number of countries participating in each race and contribute to the development of our country. It is very successful for everyone who creates the value of our country. Important. Being a Presidential International Yacht Racing Sponsor we are proud of is one of the events that best reflects the cooperation between DHL Express and the sports world. Opening our country to the world. We are yours. Work for‘ He said.

Yuvaktaş: “We will hold races in 11 different classes”

Engin Yuvactash, Sporting Director of Presidential International Yacht Racing, provided information about the racing program.

Yuvaktaş said the race consisted of four stages in all.We will hold races in 11 classes. It will be an organization where about 100 boats compete. It consists of a total of 4 races. The first race will take place in Mula. This is the toughest race and will take over 190 miles. Other races will be held in Istanbul from October 28-30. The opening race will be held in Mula from May 25th to 27th. It starts from Marmaris Castle. This race will be held non-stop. There is no entry fee for the race. Each race has a score factor according to the difficulty level. They will receive the prize for the total points earned at the end of the year. A special prize will be awarded to female sailors. The top three teams will win the award. College teams are also considered to deserve special awards. “ I made that evaluation.