President Erdogan’s speech at the AK Party Extended State Presidential Conference

Prime Minister Erdogan reminded us of the investments made in the western and eastern regions of Turkey. “Do you also like Kurds?” “We can never discriminate,” Erdogan said.

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the Extended State Presidential Conference.

Prime Minister Erdogan participated in a program held at party headquarters and congratulated Berat Candili in the Islamic world at the beginning of his speech.

“We need more hamd”

It emphasizes the growing need for Allah’s forgiveness and admiration during difficult times as the world is passing. “”Bless all Muslims on the night of Berat. “ Said.

“We said that everything that happened in the west is in the east.”

In his speech, Erdogan reminded us of the investments made across Turkey: “Who is thinking about the southeast? Who is thinking about the east? We. The teachers took us there. We took all the staff to serve there. Go and love Kurdish brothers and children? We love them. We are no different. What did we say? In the west? Whatever happens, it is in the east. We said it would happen in the southeast. “ I used the phrase.

“I have some questions: do you really love Kurds?”

Erdogan, “Some people simply ask: Do you really love the Kurds too? Fear Allah. We once obeyed the command of our Lord. We distinguish here. You can’t. They are all Raz and the Circassians … these are our brothers. ” He said.

President Erdogan: We Love Kurdish Brothers Video

In another part of his speech, President Erdogan said:

“We found the AK party in consultation.”

“Our party will leave its 21st birthday next August. As soldiers of the cause, we are trying to explain why and why we embarked under the AK party flag. We are in talks. And founded the AK Party. In every step we took, we first turned to our country, then our organization. As President, we as President. , VQA, MKYK, and Parliamentary Group meetings were held with great care.

“The country shows that it supports our position.”

Party meetings also give you the opportunity to learn about the problems, difficulties and expectations of citizens of 81 states. With the 21-year history of our party, we are moving towards bigger goals. The fact that we were the first party to get out of the ballot box in all 15 elections so far shows that our country supports this stance.

“2023 expresses diversity”

We are on the eve of the 2023 election. Look back on the past and find out what you will do in the future. All choices are important and important. However, the 2023 election represents a crossroads between Japan and the country beyond the future of the AK Party and the People’s Union. We are seeking to help Turkey reach its 100th anniversary goals. We are one of the 10 largest economies in the world and are committed to fulfilling our centuries-old aspirations.

“The 1915 Canakkale Bridge will be one of the most important bridges in the world.”

In the current period of our republic’s history, education, health, justice, security, transportation, foreign policy, agriculture, energy, especially the AK Party on the Canakkale Bridge in 1915, is at its best distance. Even the best bridge in the world has built one of the most important bridges in the world.

All the attacks we have been hit by terrorism in the last decade have aimed to drag our country into instability and turmoil and keep it away from these targets. They failed, they don’t. Our country appreciates what they have, sees the game play and approves our struggle.

President Erdogan's speech at AK Party Extended State Presidential Conference # 2

“Cost of migration process”

Fluctuations in exchange rates, interest rates and inflation are the costs of the transition period we are experiencing. We never stop. Especially when making an investment, there is time. Perform these steps using the Build-Operate-Transfer model. This can be daunting. We make all these investments in the unique resources of these contractors and then within 10-15-20 years we will pay this price as a state in the bids we make.

Not one cent coin comes out of the state’s financial resources. Citizens passing through the bridge highway pay a fixed fee, and the state pays the contractor if there is a deficit. We immediately made these investments and launched our country. This is also done at the hospital. Currently, there are 19 municipal hospitals. We did these with the same understanding. We are proud of the city hospital.

“I’ll tell you about this.”

No state is without investment and work. Share all the works of this state with my citizens. We watched him transport the patient in a palletized ambulance on television. Did you have an ambulance on arrival? There was no suitable ambulance. We surpassed them. Why did we do these? We believe that we love our country. We are confident in the power and ability of this staff. We tell all this to our people.

President Erdogan's speech at AK Party Extended State Presidential Conference # 3

“Our politics is the politics of work and services.”

Our policy has always been a work and service policy. We put our stickers in every corner of our country’s hometown with our service. If we don’t talk about the works and services we have brought to our country compared to the past, the opposition agenda will be caught in lies.

Young people under the age of 30 or 35 may not be able to grasp the value of today’s opportunities because they do not know old Turkey. Opposition is craftsmanship and avoids service-centric discussions. They have no words for past acquisitions and no future projects.

This is where we have to go. You increase the number of private schools from 50,000 to 90,000. We expect our competitors to have a commitment to increase this from 100,000 to 150,000, but that’s not the case. We increased the number of universities from 76 to 207 and the number of students from 1.6 million to 8.5 million. No, let them offer quality higher education.

Amendment of the Election Law

As a People’s Union, we have submitted to Congress the election bill that we have been preparing for a long time. We hope that proposals that include many arrangements will be useful, from lowering the election threshold to 7% to regulating voting.

I think these election arrangements are the best relief for CHP’s agents. These were served to other political parties with tears before the election. There is no longer a need for such relocation, which is the product of political engineering efforts. You won’t encounter a table where a CHP agent is carried from hand to hand like a salt shaker.

President Erdogan's speech at AK Party Extended State Presidential Conference # 4

“Most useful for CHP DEPUTS”

This arrangement is most beneficial to CHP’s agents. He handed out some of his list to show his alliance extensively. Ahlatlıbel does not have the politics of gathering at roundtables.

The most relaxing part of our politics is the head of CHP. Remember that despite his opposition to the presidential system, he was presented with an offer prepared abroad and handed over to him. Of course, it’s not possible for anyone who hasn’t yet decided where to sit and how to carry out this plan. Imagine the same team holding the fate of our country during a security crisis, epidemic, or economic crisis in our region.

Is it possible for a decision to be made or implemented for the benefit of the country and the country from such turmoil? This is the system provided to Japan. The 2023 election will be an election that saves our country from this caricature type, in addition to many auspicious results.