President Erdogan: VAT for products of basic needs is 8%-Last Turkish News

preliminary report! The Presidential Cabinet Meeting, chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has ended. The meeting at the Presidential Complex lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Heading of President Erdogan’s remarks.

“The bridge we opened on the anniversary of the victory of Canakkale is the sixth crossroads across the strait.

“We meet with the delegation before the meeting.”

Since 2014, we are the only ones who are serious about the crisis in Ukraine.

We are the country that strives for peace most. We hope that the Ukrainian and Russian delegations, who will negotiate a ceasefire and peace, will meet in Istanbul tomorrow. There will be a short meeting with the delegation tomorrow morning.

The discussions between Zelensky and Putin are moving forward.

Its fair and sincere attitude cannot prevent Turkey from becoming a bridge of peace, tranquility and trust in the region and the world.

“Turkey is not committed to its growth plan”

The epidemic-induced health and economic crisis has deepened in the war between Russia and Ukraine, but Turkey has not compromised on its growth strategy.

We know that those who work to put our country on the side of the war in the crisis of Russia and Ukraine are looking at the bridge of peace we have built with a narrowed heart.

The jobs and services we have brought to the country are of course important, but what we do now will lead Turkey to the top leagues in the world.

Are there land mines in front of us, or are there any difficulties we experience? But we have determination and accumulation in them. The owner of the largest account and plan is Allah. The last word is our country.

Hopefully, by 2023, we will further strengthen our heart-to-heart bridge with our country.

“The 1915 Canakkale Bridge is a gift to ECD.”

The 1915 Canakkale Bridge is a gift from an ancestor who thought about a similar project 140 years ago. Similarly, thank our heroes who fought for our hometown 107 years ago.

I also encountered many obstacles in this project. If you remember, when the first Bosphorus Bridge was built in Istanbul, it was said to be very bad. The same delusion occurred when the second bridge was being built. When we started the Marmaray project, this time the same poison dart was pointed at us. They went around the courtroom and delayed us for four years. Now you can easily move from Europe to Asia using Marmaray. The same was true for the Eurasian Bridge.

They said the same for 0054GA. Currently in the top 3 in the world. Istanbul Airport really made a big impression on the world.

This is the case for a known sword-wielding business. We are pleased to be able to expand our profitable, profitable and productive investment model in our country.

Public-Private Cooperation Model Turkey is the third largest country in Europe and the thirteenth country in the world to use this model most efficiently.

At the end of the Eurasian Tunnel’s operation, the state will receive at least $ 140 million, excluding taxes and other benefits. The Istanbul-Izmir Highway and its part, the Osmangaji Bridge, will provide the state with VAT revenue totaling € 1.3 billion during its operation. The reduction in time, fuel and carbon emissions of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915 is estimated to be € 415 million annually.

Investment in bridges, roads, hospitals, etc. should not be made by the general public to every corner of Turkey’s land. All investments are Turkish common property. Most of the services offered here are free, so there is no financial benefit to the general public. For projects undertaken in a public-private partnership, after the project is up and running, it will be fully transferred to the state at the end of the operational period, as well as payments.

In fact, public and private projects require sub-price payments for the benefit of the public. We provide people with national resources.

Public-private partnership projects do not rob the country’s citizens of their pockets.

“We overcome the cost of life”

We do not ignore the problems we are experiencing today. It is us who overcome today’s problems, especially living expenses.

We are in love with our country and our country. Therefore, we are ready for our 2023 goal and our 2053 mission.

Those who were unable to succumb to Turkey due to leadership, coups, terrorist organizations, military threats and international imposition have finally targeted our economy.

You can see how millions of people who lost their homes in Syria yesterday and in Ukraine today are being dragged into despair. We host Ukrainians in our country. It’s not easy, women set out with their children.

“We save Turkey from similar situations in Ukraine and Syria.”

I say this very clearly and accurately. The greatest service we have provided to our country is that we have saved Turkey from such a situation. We have made our country a refuge for victims and oppressed people. The reason Turkey is considered a guarantor of peace is the interests left by Turkey. Our hope is alive and our future is bright. If our country passes the 2023 exam, it will thrive in all areas.

Our troubles are temporary and our interests are permanent. We just ask our people patiently.

Description of VAT

We have set the VAT rate for the food and beverage sector to 8%. This also applies to businesses.

We have decided to reduce the VAT of our basic necessities such as detergents, soaps, toilet paper, napkins and baby diapers from 18% to 8%.

Sales of yachts, cotras, boats and cruise ships have increased VAT from 1% to 18%, and car dealers are profiting from buying and selling vehicles.

No matter where you buy your home, VAT will be applied in stages according to the square meter.

For homes within the transformation of a disaster-risk area, 1% VAT will be incurred up to 150 square meters, and 18% VAT will be incurred above that.

By reducing the value-added tax rate on land and land to 8%, the financial burden on the construction industry will be reduced. “

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