President Erdogan: Ukraine was left alone for that good reason-just before Turkey news


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum.

Russia-Ukraine War

President Erdogan said the first high-level contact between the two countries in Antalya at the foreign ministerial level after the crisis between Russia and Ukraine showed that the Antalya diplomatic forum had begun to reach its goals.

Erdogan said that not only the responsible person, but all humanity is paying the price of negligence in all critical areas. This may be ignored for geographical and cultural reasons.

Erdogan pointed out that history would be repeated for those who did not learn the lessons and did not learn from the story, and said that if they did not learn the lessons, not only history but also suffering would be repeated, and the Ukrainian problem was before them. The latest example of this truth.


Reminding that Turkey is both a country of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Prime Minister Erdogan said Ukraine and Russia are Neighbors and Friends of the Black Sea.

“The world did not speak to the invasion of Crimea.”

Deeply regretted that the crisis between Turkey’s neighbors turned into a fierce conflict, Erdogan continued his words:

“The heightened tensions at this stage bothered us most and worried us most. We cannot allow offensive action against the sovereignty of our neighbors. We, as Turkey, Rejects illegal measures that ignore Ukraine’s territorial integrity, especially the illegal annexation of Crimea. Since 2014, we have expressed and expressed a clear stance towards Crimea. We have publicly expressed this issue for all reasons. Is the Russian Federation and our Ukrainian friends. I say that now. If the whole west, the whole world, was speaking out against the invasion, would we face today’s picture?

“People who were silent in the Crimean invasion are now saying something.”

But those who kept silent about the Crimean invasion are now saying something. Now, is justice valid in one part of the world and invalid in another? What kind of world is this? Here, unfortunately, the international community did not show the necessary sensibilities and did not support this injustice. Ukraine was left alone for that good reason. Today, we are faced with the devastating and painful consequences of diplomatically solvable problems if strong will is shown on time. “

President Erdogan said, “We must work together to build a world of peace, not war.” At this stage, adding fuel to the fire and pouring gasoline into the fire will benefit everyone. He emphasized that it was not.

While supporting the legitimate struggle of the Ukrainian people, Erdogan pointed out that measures that would hurt or defile this struggle should be avoided, and Erdogan was a fascist against people of Russian origin living in Western countries and Russian culture. He said the practice would never be accepted.

The German conductor was fired because he was Putin’s friend, and Dostoevsky’s publications and works were banned in other European countries, and Erdogan said, “Do you know what to compare this to?” .. .. We don’t want a new Hulags. Neither democracy nor diplomacy nor humanity deserves them, “he said.

“Our wish is the silence of the weapon as soon as possible.”

Prime Minister Erdogan explained that Turkey is making great efforts to prevent the loss of lives and to reestablish peace and stability in the region.

“Our hope is that moderation and common sense will spread and weapons will stop as soon as possible. A friend we spoke to today said,” UAVs have fallen into our country. ” He is currently in the audience. Look, these weapons are attacking countries unrelated to it. In this direction, we have carried out intense diploma traffic that has continued from the pre-crisis period to the present day. I met 25-30 leaders. Similarly, my Foreign Minister and my fellow Ministers had a meeting, we continue.

Montreux highlights

As with all meetings, share your solution suggestions with your interlocutors today and tomorrow’s contacts. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that peace is widespread in our region, including the use of the powers conferred on our country by the Montreux Convention. “

“The system has a bankruptcy flag”

President Erdogan said the main reasons for expanding the current problems and making them inseparable should not be overlooked.

Erdogan emphasized that behind many of the problems he described in general terms was the established order established after World War II.

Prime Minister Erdogan said that the current security architecture, which prioritizes the interests of the five victorious nations, does not meet the needs of the day, “I am familiar with this system, which left the fate of the 193 member states of the United Nations. It is unjustified by the mercy of the five permanent members of the Security Council. “

The Ukrainian crisis revealed that there were far greater deficits and structural problems beyond the distortions of the system, and he continued his words:

“When one of the parties to the dispute became a permanent member with veto power, the compulsory role of the Security Council wasted and the system went bankrupt. A binding aspect of the UN General Assembly resolution. Because there was no, we can take steps to end the dispute. 141 members will get results when they vote against one or two of the five members. Was it not achieved? Is there such justice? Here is the point. I’ve been saying for a long time to establish a fairer world, “he said, saying the world is bigger than five. We are paying attention to this aspect of the system. However, although the system was known to be vulnerable, the request for reform was ignored because the veto holders did not want to share power.

“What one of these five members says, it happens.”

Temporary membership without veto rights. This seems very interesting to me. There are 15 temporary members and 5 permanent members. Is there something interesting like this? Where are you going with this? These countries ask, “Can I also be a temporary member?” To become a temporary member. They shout. They carry out a variety of lobbying and lobbying activities. If so, what do you write? We experienced the same thing. Is there any merit? No. Please lower your hand. The actual work is one of these five. No matter what one of the five members says, it will be. I tried to hide the structural problems of the system through temporary membership. “

“Establishing a new global security architecture to serve all humanity”

Countries like Turkey that do not hesitate to yell out what they think are right want to be silent with unfair, unfounded and very ugly accusations, Erdogan continued.

“But when we said the world was greater than 5, we were demanding not only for ourselves, but for our country. We are the rights, laws and common interests of all mankind. , And trying to protect the rights of our country .. The events we experienced showed how accurate, appropriate and accurate our decisions and suggestions were. “The same reality I hope it will be seen and understood by the permanent members of the Security Council. It will pursue peace, not the status quo, and it will serve all mankind, not the interests of the five nations. ” ..

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