President Erdogan: There are common concerns with Germany regarding the Russian-Ukraine war

President Erdogan, who took office on December 8, 2021 and made an official visit to Turkey for the first time since taking office, and German Prime Minister Schorz held a joint press conference.

The headlines for President Erdogan’s remarks are:

“Mr. Scholz makes an official visit to our country for the first time. I welcome him. The dimension of our very dynamic and strong relationship is unparalleled. We are in close contact with the prestigious Prime Minister. We are determined to continue to cooperate.

We had the opportunity to discuss political, military, economic, commercial and cultural relationships. At the moment it’s not just the region. I had the opportunity to evaluate the Russian-Ukraine issue, which is the agenda of the world and occupies it.

  • As an ally of the two NATOs, we have confirmed that we have a common view and concern.

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Russia-Ukraine Message from President Erdogan: We Continue to Strive for a Permanent Ceasefire

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at a press conference with German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz. The Russian-Ukraine war was discussed primarily in talks with Scholz, President Erdogan said: We will continue our efforts to establish a permanent ceasefire without hesitation. Said.

“We will continue our efforts for charm”

We have agreed to accelerate diplomatic efforts for security on the one hand and for resolution on the other.

As Turkey, we have helped bring the parties together and make great strides in establishing dialogue. The Foreign Ministers of Russia and Ukraine met in Antalya with the participation of my Foreign Ministers. This conference is an important success in diplomatic records.

We will continue our efforts to establish a permanent ceasefire without giving up. We evaluated the bilateral and many issues on the agenda. I believe that the existing high-level consultation mechanism with Germany should be revived. Germany’s turn at the High Level Strategy Conference. Hopefully we will hold our high-level strategic council meeting in Turkey as soon as possible.

President Erdogan: Aiming to increase trade with Germany to $ 50 billion

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President Erdogan: Aiming to increase trade with Germany to $ 50 billion

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at a press conference with German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz. “Germany is Turkey’s first partner in exports and second in imports,” said Prime Minister Erdogan, emphasizing the importance of bilateral trade. “Our trade value is $ 41 billion. We are determined to increase this number to $ 50 billion.

“We will bring our trading volume to $ 50 billion.”

At today’s meeting, we discussed bilateral and many other agenda items. As a G20 member, we have raised the issue of promoting economic partnerships.

Bilateral trade is over $ 41 billion. We are determined to increase this number to $ 50 billion.

I think we will maintain our relationship with Germany in the same way. The strength of the relationship between Turkey and Germany is unmatched. We will continue to have close dialogue and cooperation in the future.

“Ozrem Turesi and Uğur Shahin were the pride of both countries.”

We consider Germany’s 3 million Turkish community to be a common wealth. Last October, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Turkish-German Collective Agreement. It was a good opportunity to re-evaluate the efforts of the Turks.

Ozrem Turesi and Uğur Shahin have become proud of both Germany and Turkey in the fight against Covid-19. Congratulations on March 14th.

We attach great importance to working closely with Germany on regional issues. Recent developments have proven that Turkey occupies an important position in many areas, especially security and energy. It is indisputable that Germany is one of the leaders of the EU. I think the constructive attitude of German friends in the relationship between Turkey and the EU will continue.

Answering the question of President Erdogan's German journalist

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Answering the question of President Erdogan’s German journalist “Do you want to impose sanctions on Russia?”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at a press conference with German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz. German journalist “Are you going to participate in Western sanctions against Russia?” In response to this question, President Erdogan said: “We must maintain a relationship between Mr Zelensky and Mr Putin. Despite Russia, we made Ukraine what NATO members did not do. We used the formula.

“The Faculty of Theology must be established at the German University of Turkey”

The University of Turkey-Germany in Istanbul is an important and serious starting point for us. I also talked with the Prime Minister in particular. I suggested to them that they should establish a Faculty of Theology at the German University of Turkey and take a quick step in the German branch. It is in the contract infrastructure. By taking this step, establishing the Turkish-German University in Germany as soon as possible is very beneficial, especially in closing the theological gap.

He also assigned two friends at the time of the special representative. 0054brahim Kalın continues his duty. Also, our agent, Çağatay Bey, will hopefully perform this task with 0054brahim Bey. Similarly, the Prime Minister and the two he appoints will take these steps. “

“None of us can think of Russia attacking Ukraine.”

The German Chancellor who visited said:

“I’m very happy to have this kind of exchange of ideas. I’ve talked for a long time. This is a sign that we have a really good partnership. We are now gathering during the war. We No one could have imagined such an event. Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues.

Citizens of both countries are watching the news in front of the television. We are worried when we see the people who lost their lives there, when we see their families collapse, and when we see the cities destroyed. The President and I agree with these concerns. We agree to reach a ceasefire as soon as possible. Civilians need to be provided with safe corridors.

We must take into account that with each daily missile, Russia is leaving the unity of the world community. We call on the President of Russia to “stop now”. We say that “there can only be a diplomatic solution.” Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are very important.

“The meeting in Turkey was very helpful.”

I had a meeting with French President Zelensky. To continue these discussions, we must do everything we can. The most important thing right now is to get results and silence the gun. We welcome Turkey’s allies’ willingness to contribute to diplomatic resolution. The foreign ministers’ meeting in Turkey was very informative.

I want to support you together. Over 100,000 immigrants have arrived in Germany. Many third-country citizens have also fled Ukraine. We should all support this.

This responsibility lies with all of us. We all have to be supportive. We want to secure Ukraine’s self-defense. We do this with financial and humanitarian assistance, with the help of weapons, like both Turkey and Germany. We believe that the closure of the straits of warships under the Montreux Agreement contributed to the expansion of the crisis.

The gun should be silenced as soon as possible. Ensuring and protecting the territorial integrity of the region is important to us. What is happening now is becoming a serious violation of international law. Working with NATO is very important. We are currently facing a changing security situation.

We have announced that NATO’s troops will be concentrated in the countries on its eastern border. Aviation police are carried out by Germany. Violations of the law show that we must be strong too. Therefore, we decided to provide the Federal Army with an additional € 100 billion.

We also talked about economic cooperation. There are many things to do. The president also touched on some specific issues. He agreed to several interview formats. Of course, cooperation in the energy sector is very important not only between Germany and Turkey, but also between the EU and Turkey. Germany has begun to give up fossil energy sources. He has set a deadline of 25 years. He wants to supply wind energy and renewable resources to electricity.

Especially hydrogen must be imported. We plan to import from some countries in the future. In order to be independent of Russia, it is necessary to supply energy from various energy sources and from various energy sources and countries. Therefore, we need to be able to make our own decisions. “

Answers to questions “Russia” sanctions

A German journalist said, “Although we mentioned military cooperation, the Prime Minister said NATO partners should unite. Still buying weapons from Russia? Participating in Western sanctions?” Prime Minister Erdogan answered this question as follows:

“First of all, I would like to tell a friend of the press, what does NATO cooperation mean? NATO is also the institution where military solidarity is formed. Here, everything from heavy to heavy Use NATO Weapons to Airplanes. Currently NATO is in Germany. We are NATO’s two partners. We are two important NATO countries. This is between us in this process. It’s probably very important to evaluate. What can two NATOs do together in countries, how can we overcome our shortcomings?

With regard to the weapons we purchased from Russia, you seem to be wondering about the answer to this. I have guns and guns I have purchased so far. It’s probably premature to talk about what the future shows in the current situation. We have to see what the conditions bring and take. We must maintain friendships with Mr. Zelensky and Mr. Putin. Regarding sanctions, he did what was necessary within the rules of the United Nations and went to Ukraine what NATO member states did not, despite Russia. Similarly, we have sent over 50 trucks to Ukraine, and we continue to do so. “