President Erdogan met with former ministers and agents

“This party is your home and will not wait for an invitation to claim your home,” Erdogan told former AK party ministers and lawmakers. He said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “Meeting of parliamentarians and state presidents from establishment to the present”I talked about

The program was attended by former ministers, deputy ministers, and those currently performing these missions.

The program had many familiar faces and many former and deputy ministers.

Intensive participation from former ministers and parliament

The dinner was also attended by former Ministers of Justice Cemil Çiçek and Mehmet AliŞahin, and former Speakers of Parliament Bülent Arınç and Köksal Toptan.

Prime Minister Erdogan mentioned the names of those who participated in the program under the AK Party and said the staff change was a relay race.

President Erdogan meets with former and deputy ministers Video

“I want you to experience a place where you can tell me that you have fulfilled my duty.”

Prime Minister Erdogan demands that former and deputy ministers continue to work for the AK party, “Once your active work life is over, try to say that you have played my part.” He said.

President Erdogan also made an important assessment of the Turkish economy.

Erdogan, “It is our duty not to crush citizens with inflation.” Said.

“Road changes are flag races”

Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are as follows.

“The AK Party is a national party. The AK Party is made up of people who are eager to serve the country. Staff changes are also relay races. My brothers in the AK Party family are each on all the achievements of Turkey. Have a share. For the last 20 years. I think it’s a photo. The AK party is your home. Don’t wait for an invitation to take care of your home. Our party alone No, the most valuable accumulation of our country is also here.

President Erdogan met with former ministers and agents # 2

“If we keep solidarity strong, there is no victory we cannot get.”

Together we saved Turkey from the hands of put cysts. At this time when our area is about to reshape, we encourage you to reinforce our rank again. Let us once again raise the flag of struggle to grow our country and complete the construction of a great and powerful Turkey. As long as you maintain strong solidarity, there are no problems that cannot be overcome and no victory that cannot be achieved.

President Erdogan met with former ministers and agents # 3

“We will celebrate the election victory together in 2023.”

“All members of the AK Party, especially you, have the power to get your opponents out of your pocket. We hope to celebrate the election victory together in 2023. Thanks to each of you in advance. We will fight again with more determination to reach our 2023 goals and defend our interests. We must raise the Tokat flag this week. , We will open Tokat Airport. “

President Erdogan met with former ministers and agents # 4

“Used 165 billion lira resources”

“We have implemented a new economic program that makes us take advantage of the opportunities that come in. We have taken steps to protect our citizens from both rising exchange rates and global commodities. Last year we used 165 billion lira just to support electricity, natural gas and fuel. Eventually it will reach 200 billion lira. To prevent living expenses and prevent inflation from being forced on citizens. It’s our duty. “

President Erdogan met with former ministers and agents # 5