President Erdogan met a female Muktar

Prime Minister Erdogan talked about Ozremag stabbed in 23 places. In a program in Külliye, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “Judge, why do you release this?”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with a female Muktar in a program held at Cheong Wa Dae.

In part of his speech, Erdogan talked about the situation of the suspect who had stabbed his wife Ozremag in 23 places in Tokat during the divorce process, and after being detained for three days, responded to the release of the person in question. Several months.

“If released after 3 months”

Mr Erdogan said he requested the Ministry of Justice for information about the suspect, saying: “I learned that Tokat’s brother Ozrem was stabbed in 23 places by his immoral and vulgar wife. Eventually, they released the man three months later.” Said.

President Erdogan responded severely to the judge’s release of the suspect and used the following statement:

“Judge! How do you feel …”

“We immediately searched and investigated. Thank God. They brought this bastard back. Our Deputy Ozrem Tokat follows this process. As President, I follow this process. She also has a 2.5 year old child.

why is that? Because this country is entrusted to us. The trust of this country cannot be left in the midst of it. Think about it, he stabs you in 23 places. Judge! Why did you free such a person? Judges make such savings.

Strong reaction from President Erdogan: Judge, how can you release it?video

“What did you insult after insulting the judiciary?”

after that ‘Insult the judiciary. ” How insulting if I were the president of this country and released the man who stabbed his wife in 23 places! Let me tell you what you need to say about it. We follow it to the end, we are not done yet.

“We do it”

I also told the minister. You will follow this carefully, and you will immediately inform me of this issue. Immediately move on to the next step. It can be a judge, a prosecutor, it doesn’t matter. We are members of a civilization that sees justice as the foundation of property. Justice doesn’t stay in the middle, it doesn’t crawl on the ground. We do what he needs. “

Event history

The 30-year-old Ozrem Ah, who is in conflict with her 32-year-old husband Samet Ah, who works as a cleaner at a Tokat hospital, left home last January.

The young woman went to her father, Mehmet Demirel, and applied for a divorce. On April 1, Same Ağ went to the village of Mülk, talked to her wife and persuaded her to go home. There was a dispute between the two.

After the debate turned into a dispute, Samet Ag injured his wife Ozrem and his father-in-law Mehmet Demirel with a knife. Ozrem Aga, who was stabbed in 23 places, and Mehmet Demirel, who had a leg injury, were taken to Tokat State Hospital for treatment.

President Erdogan met a female Muktar # 2

Released by judicial control

After the incident, Samet Ah was arrested on charges of “intentionally attempted murder” by the court in which he was brought. Ağ’s lawyer, who had been detained for three months, applied for the release of his client, subject to judicial control.

The Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office requested release from the court, given the fact that evidence was collected from the court and the time he was in custody.

SametAğ made a decision of the First Criminal Court on July 16 to the nearest law enforcement agency to apply the judicial control measures within the scope of Article 109 / 3-b of CMK. His address was released every Friday between 08:00 and 20:00, subject to signing at the police station.