President Erdogan issued a statement about a project where sports love is barrier-free

President Legep Typ Erdogan attended the Special Education School Sporting Goods Distribution Ceremony “Love for Sports Doesn’t Know the Barriers” at the Bestepemilet Congress and Culture Center.

The highlights of President Erdogan’s remarks are:

With my brothers and sisters here, I congratulate all disabled citizens for their disability week. They set an example for all of us and have achieved outstanding performance in all areas of our lives. Recently, our disabled people have achieved proud results in various sports sectors around the world. On behalf of my country and nation, I would like to thank all the athletes who proudly wave our illustrious flag.

No one can be expelled from social life because of disability

Regardless of their origin, beliefs or culture, each of the 85 million people is equal in the eyes of our state. Our understanding of politics and the state cannot be underestimated because of human qualities and innate characteristics. You cannot discriminate just by looking. It cannot be excluded from social life because of physical disability. We can never ignore brothers and sisters with disabilities, even if others turn their backs.

Like all 85 million members, we attach great importance to the participation of siblings with disabilities in their lives as equal individuals without any problems. From Hackari to Edirne, it enables thousands of young people with disabilities to play sports in 81 states. Hopefully after Tokyo we will be back from Paris with a completely different victory. Sport is an area of ​​activity that ensures active participation in the lives of people with disabilities. Our disabled brothers and sisters in Turkey have long been ignored or victims of prejudice. Their self-confidence was constantly undermined by saying, “You can’t do that.” Unfortunately, they didn’t have the will, vision, or sensibility to encourage them to participate in life. I’ve radically changed this tableau. We did a really good job of solving the problems of people with disabilities. Under the Disability Act, we have taken historic steps on many issues related to people with disabilities, from education to long-term care. With the 2010 constitutional amendment, we have been actively discriminating against persons with disabilities under the constitutional guarantee. We have implemented unique applications such as home care support, support, and desired housing.

We will not leave you alone

We turn homes and hospitals into schools for children who cannot go to school. We provide training to 453,000 children and adolescents in need of special education. The number of support training rooms was 79, but by 2022 it had reached 638. We won’t leave you alone. We do whatever we need, we are determined to do so.

Our invalidated written episode

Our disabled brothers and sisters, who have been eliminated for many years, say “I am here” in sports, art and academia. Our disabled people, who have been able to show a limited presence in many areas of sports, are writing epics in many areas of sports today. Turkey participated in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics with only one player. Twenty years later, 87 athletes participated in the Tokyo Paralympics and returned to Japan with a total of 15 medals. The number of athletes with disabilities increased to 45,000441 as of 2021. We have reorganized all sports facilities in the province to make them accessible to brothers and sisters with disabilities. We are already preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympics. I think we will set a new record with the number of athletes and the number of medals won.