President Erdogan described the build-operate-transfer model

In a statement after the Cabinet meeting, President Erdogan elaborated on the build-operation-relocation model.

After the cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stood in front of the camera.

Erdogan spoke about the proceedings and touched on the “build-operate-transfer” model criticized by opponents.

Regarding the contribution of the build-operate-transfer model, President Erdogan said: “The investments made have already contributed $ 295 billion to national income, $ 838 billion to production, and 1 million to employment.” Said.

Constructed in detail-Operation-Transferred transfer model

Prime Minister Erdogan added that the work done was not underfunded by the state and said the building in service would be handed over to the state after operation.

Erdogan, “At the end of the construction period, the investment goes completely to the state. At the end of the Eurasian tunnel, the state will receive an additional $ 140 million. Only VAT revenue during the operation period of the Osmangaji Bridge Revenue is 1.3 billion euros. The profit of the Chanakare Bridge in 1915 is calculated to be 470 million euros per year only for cash, fuel and carbon emissions. I used the phrase.

President Erdogan described a video of a build-operate-transfer model

“M. Kemal doesn’t know what build-operation-transfer is”

President Erdogan’s remarks on this matter are as follows:

While building the first bridge to the Bosphorus, someone could say that this work was the greatest evil done in Istanbul. The Martyrs Bridge was put into service on July 15. At the second bridge, the same delusion reappeared in late Ozal. The Fati Sultan Mehmet Bridge has also been completed. During the period of our Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan, the same poison darts were directed at us in this Marmara project. We have completed this task and started the service. They went around the courtroom and delayed us for four years. Of course, they now easily travel from Asia to Europe via marmalade. Eurasia as well. I won’t elaborate on the Eurasian continent either, but they call it a gang of five.

Apart from what they call the five gangsters, our friends they shared the same political view were among the people who built the Eurasian Tunnel. We do not forget the misery of those who misunderstood the court’s ruling and made the headline for the third bridge, which now consists of two concrete towers. The same crowd did not let go of the bridge in Canakkale. Our response to such delusions was to quickly complete the project on our agenda and put it into action. The 1915 Canakkale Bridge is the last masterpiece brought to our country by a public-private cooperation model and a build-operated transfer method. Kemal doesn’t know or understand the meaning of build-operate-transfer. To do this, you need to lick the ink in this area. There is no such situation. For years, someone has knocked us down on this investment model. IGA does not know what the pattern is. Currently, one of the first three airports in the world is Istanbul Airport.

“Istanbul Airport brings a huge voice to the world”

Istanbul Airport has brought a wonderful voice to the world. Now, the contractor and operator company make some beauty here with some additional project changes. They created a distortion that we paid for the bridge we didn’t cross. Of course, these butanes are not taken into account. It enters one ear and exits the other. In short, I want to remind you again what the build-operate-transfer project means. The public-private partnership project is an infrastructure model. In 2021, a global investment of $ 35.6 billion was made in this model. Turkey is the third country in Europe and the thirteenth country in the world to use this model most efficiently. Germany has decided to use this model to carry out an important part of the new highway project.

President Erdogan talked about Build-Operate-Transfer Model # 2

“The work done will be transferred to the state.”

The United States has carried out an important part of the $ 1.5 trillion infrastructure project with this model. Japan has achieved an investment of $ 37.5 billion in the field of transportation and telecommunications based on this model. You see, Mr. Kemal, we didn’t do this from the national budget. According to the analysis, the burden of public-private partnership projects in the Ministry of Finance will be almost zero in 2024, and the income will increase exponentially in the next few years. From the moment the investment begins, state revenues, especially taxes, time, fuel savings, and natural fuel savings at this point, will begin to be recorded in the National Benefits section. The investments made have already contributed $ 295 billion to national income, $ 838 billion to production and 1 million to employment. This contribution continues to grow day by day and the work is transferred to the state. Today, a bid was placed to extend the duration of Antalya Airport to $ 2,138 million and the first installment payment was entered into the account. The problem is who knows the job and who wields the sword. From either perspective, I am pleased to have implemented a profitable, profitable, profitable and productive investment model for our country. Let’s go to the problem of paying for bridges, roads and services we didn’t use. Investment in roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, dams, irrigation facilities and public service buildings is made by the general public in all states, districts and villages of our country. All investments are a common property of countries, countries, and those who actually use them. All services offered here are free, so there is no financial reward for the general public. With public-private cooperation, there is no allocation of resources from the public and private sectors, including guarantees, until the project is operational. After the project is up and running, the difference between the guaranteed amount and the realized amount will be paid. At the end of the operational period of the constructed construction, the investment is fully passed to the state. At the end of the Eurasian Tunnel’s operation, the state will receive $ 140 million. VAT revenue during the operation of the Osmangazi bridge is only € 1.3 billion. The 1915 Canakkale Bridge’s revenue is estimated to be € 470 million annually in cash, fuel and carbon emissions.

President Erdogan talked about Build-Operate-Transfer Model # 3

Antalya Airport

Good news about the latest developments in the capacity expansion bid at Antalya Airport. The bid for the construction and operation of Antalya Airport in December was awarded at a cost of € 8,055 million for operation and € 765 million for investment. They paid the amount I mentioned today. The Public-Private Cooperation Project is a work that does not bring unfair and unjustified penny from the pockets of the citizens of this country, but brings a lot of benefits due to indirect effects and investment costs. For a significant portion of public-private investment, prices are applied much lower than the expected cost of the project, in order to promote the public’s benefit from the service.

President Erdogan talked about Build-Operate-Transfer Model # 4