President Erdogan: Attending NATO Summit in Brussels on March 24-Last Turkish News

preliminary report! President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is particularly pleased to welcome Turkey’s strategic partner and ally, Polish President Andrzej Duda, at a joint press conference held after meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Chankaya Presidential Palace. He said he was.

Prime Minister Erdogan announced that he had discussed relations between Turkey and Poland, especially at both the bilateral meeting and the lengthy supper that followed, and during the official visit to Duda in May last year, relations were held in all areas. He said he had a strong discussion about his will to develop.

Prime Minister Erdogan said today’s actual visit to Duda was a concrete sign of this will, and they discussed developments and bilateral relations primarily in the context of Ukraine and Russia.

Prime Minister Erdogan pointed out that the two NATO allies had a detailed exchange of views, saying, “The NATO summit will be held on the 24th. At this summit, we will find an opportunity to continue discussions from where it was interrupted. Yes. The process between Russia and Ukraine continues. What can we do as two NATO allies? We will have the opportunity to reassess what steps we can take. “He said. Said.

Erdogan explained that he and Duda shared an assessment of European security, saying:

“We have agreed that diplomatic efforts should be accelerated to end the war. Turkey is continuing its efforts to achieve a ceasefire. In fact, my foreign minister is in talks in Moscow today. He will travel to Turkey tomorrow. Maintain strong shuttle diplomacy. In the process, we will also discuss with Poland. We will continue to discuss and cooperate. As you know, the NATO extraordinary summit will be on March 24th. Will be held in Moscow on the day. “”

Prime Minister Erdogan said Poland is taking an exemplary position by opening the door to nearly two million refugees fleeing the war.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Chankaya Presidential Palace.

Congratulations to Duda for this hosting, but this is beyond all gratitude, Erdogan said:

“Turkey has the best understanding of the challenges facing Poland as the country that has accepted the most refugees in the world in eight years. Take this opportunity to encourage Polish authorities to evacuate and Ukraine. It is commendable that their support across the borders of the citizens of the country reaches our customers. At our conference, we also establish a high-level strategic cooperation council and our strategy. We discussed the idea of ​​crowning a strategic partnership. We strive to hold our first council in Warsaw later this year. Our trade volume is 28 despite the epidemic situation. % Increased. It reached $ 3 billion. We are very close to our $ 10 billion target. We are also pleased with the development of relationships in the field of defense industry. “

Prime Minister Erdogan has expressed close cooperation with Poland on regional issues and multilateral platforms and believes that the constructive attitude and support of Polish friends will continue to advance Turkey-EU relations. I emphasized that I am. Prime Minister Erdogan hoped the meeting would be beneficial.

Explanation from Duda

Polish President Andrzej Duda said Russia had attacked Poland’s neighbor, an independent country, and that the most important issue in the meeting with Prime Minister Erdogan was to stop the war between the two countries.

“I thanked (to Erdogan). I know how hard you worked for peace (in Ukraine).” Duda said that Turkey, like Poland, has peace between Ukraine and Russia. He said he hopes to be established as soon as possible.

Duda said, “Turkey plays a very important role in ensuring peace in the region as a geographically and politically important country. Thank you. We agree. ” He said.

The Russians emphasized that they should stop attacking, killing and bombing civilians as soon as possible, and in his contribution to stop even the painful images first seen since World War II. I thank Erdogan for that.

“We have begun a very good cooperation in the field of defense.”

Duda said he wants military cooperation to continue as well as economic cooperation between Poland and Turkey.

The visiting president said:

“Last year (with Turkey) we had a very good partnership in the field of defense. We will continue to develop this partnership. We hope that the mutual benefit with the President will exceed $ 10 billion. As you know. Very well, Poland and Turkey in this area. The potential for cooperation is very strong and large capacity. “