President Erdogan announces tolls for the Canakkale Bridge in 1915-just before Turkey News

1915 Canakkale Bridge and Marcara-Canakkale HighwayMarch 18th, on the 107th anniversary of the victory of the Canakkale Navy, President Recep Tayyip ErdoganWas put into service at the ceremony attended by.

Transition fee 200 lira

President Erdogan has announced that the toll for cars crossing the bridge is 200 lira.

1 week free

Prime Minister Erdogan said the intersection from the bridge would be free in the first week.

“Canakkale embraces a whole new future today”

The headings of Prime Minister Erdogan’s remarks are:

“Your enthusiasm is our enthusiasm. Your interests best represent what this work we are opening today means. For thousands of years, the centerpiece of various civilizations and cultures. Canakkale, who was, is embracing a whole new future today. Together we make the angle of the bridge. This is considered a ruby ​​necklace worn across Dardanel.

“Tower height means Martin 18”

As a People’s Union, it was our privilege to open it. 1915 Canakkale Bridge has different meanings for each technical feature. The height of the tower is 318 meters, which means March 18th. March 18th is today. If the length of the middle span is 2023 meters, it is a symbol of 2023, the 100th anniversary of the founding of our republic, and a big goal we attribute to that date. There is a huge transportation project in front of you.

“Three of the first ten bridges in the world, depending on the length of the middle switch, are in our country.”

We laid the foundation of the bridge on March 18th, four years ago. Our company has worked with a Korean partner to roll up the sleeves and prepare the bridge for today’s opening, the date we promised. In the medium term, Turkey left Japan, which has the longest bridge in the world, and was ranked number one in this field. Remind us that three of the world’s top 10 bridges in midspan length are in our country.

“The 1.5-hour road will be completed in 6 minutes.”

With this investment, our country will only benefit from reductions in time, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions, do you know that it will be € 415 million annually? According to calculations, this project will further contribute to our economy with production of € 5.3 billion, employment of 118,000 people and national income of € 2.4 billion. The 1.5 hour road will be completed in just 6 minutes.

“We have invested $ 37.5 billion in 20 years.”

This is the latest work built with the build-operate-transfer model. We have invested $ 37.5 billion in 20 years. In the performance of the public-private partnership model, it is ranked 3rd in Europe and 13th in the world. Turkey completes years of investment in a short period of time by developing this model, drawing on lessons learned from a time when only grandchildren could see the end of the work that the father laid the foundation for. Did. This model provides the country with projects that are not possible with cash in short installments. This is how we build hospitals and roads. These projects support Turkey’s development. We are building a development bridge here. These works, which began to transfer resources to the public during the guaranteed operating period, will continue to benefit the state for years to come.

200TL crossing the bridge, free for 1 week

The price related to the car pass has been decided to be 200 lira. It’s free for a week. “

Minister KARA0054SMAð LOĞLU: One of the iconic buildings to meet the country

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport Infrastructure In his speech at the ceremony, “One of the landmarks of our country is to meet those people today. There is a big picture in the middle. A big and powerful picture of Turkey. Our goal is It’s a safe, economical, comfortable and sustainable transportation system, “he said.

The Korean Prime Minister also attended the ceremony

Attend the ceremony South Korean Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom He also thanked him for being invited to the historic opening and congratulated him on behalf of the Government of South Korea.

“The completion of the bridge is important from the perspective of human history, as the completion of the bridge has brought about a new transition in the history of East-West exchange. The bridge is a global scale built by two brothers, Turkey and South Korea. It has important implications for both countries because it is a bridge and has a blood relationship. “

“Icon Bridge”

The red-and-white tower represents the Turkish flag. The project is 334 meters high and bears the title of suspension bridge with the tallest tower in the world.

At the top of the 333-meter-high tower is a figure that symbolizes the cannonball carried by Seito Ombash, one of the heroes of the Canakkale War.

The bridge’s main cable, known as the “Most” project, was used on a 162,000-kilometer wire that could orbit the world four times.

By using concrete for the bridge, it is possible to build enough buildings in a town with a population of 25,000.