Preparations continue at full speed-TRTSpor

Kırkpınar stands for wrestling fan, with a plaza for wrestlers going to the meadows from July 1st to 3rd.

Approximately 15,000 seats on the stand will be cleaned one by one by the Edirne city team, and the wrestler’s shower and waiting areas will be cleaned.

Gulkan: “Our coordination and working team members are good.”

Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that it was best prepared for the historic Kırkpınar oil wrestling, which was accepted as a city wedding, holiday and festival.

More than 100,000 sports fans are coming to Edirne for wrestling, and Gürkan said, “We are working hard to continue the 661 tradition successfully.” He said.

“The city of Edirne has been organizing the organization since 1946. The members of our coordinating and working team are good, so hopefully,” said Gürkan, who has experience in the historic Kırkpınar oil wrestling organization. Nothing will go wrong, “he said.

Gulkan said this year was very specially prepared, emphasizing that it was the year of the “Golden Belt”.

“No one became the chief wrestler three times in a row after Ahmet Tashchi. In other words, our wrestler did not become the eternal owner of the golden belt. In a sense, he Has always returned to our vault. I’m very lucky to have been the chief wrestler for the last two years in a row. Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re on our side. Anyone who deserves it wins. If Ali Grubus is right, let’s make it halal like his mother’s white milk. . Nothing. It’s a sport. “

“We expect the participation of about 2,500 wrestlers.”

President Recep Gürkan explained last year that wrestling epidemics have reduced the capacity of athletes and spectators by 50%.

Pointing out the intense wrestling, Gulkan said: Oil wrestling comes in 14 sizes, from small to chief wrestlers. Wrestle 2,500 wrestlers within 3 days and should finish on Sunday at 18.30. We are having a hard time. Wrestlers are having a hard time. This year there are 80 field referees, almost 30 tower referees, and a team of all 9 public institutions and organizations. ” He said.

“Going to the meadows of prayer is the dream of every wrestler.”

Gürkan, who wanted to assign or introduce a scoring system to oil wrestling organized throughout the year to participate in Kırkpınar, also emphasized the need to remove wrestling from the Golden Point application and restore it to its original form. Did.

Recalling that Kurukan is the only oil wrestling organization with special restrictions, “Going to the Kurukpunal Prayer Meadow is the dream, goal, and wish of every wrestler, but the goal is achieved so easily. I don’t think it should be done. ” I used the phrase.

Gulkan said significant changes were made this year and a traditional wrestling federation was established. Prime Minister Gulkan said the General Assembly of the Federation would be held on June 29, “The oil wrestling and the Turkish Wrestling Federation will be separated. In this regard, we believe that decisions will be made more quickly and in terms of adaptive expertise. “” I did that evaluation.

Kıyı: “We are trying to prepare in the best possible way.”

Ahmet Kıyı, one of the facility managers at Kırkpınar Sarayiçi Private Square, said preparations would continue without delay.

The municipality is mobilizing with all teams, Kıyı said: “We are preparing for Edirne’s wedding and vacation in the best possible way, he said.

Another facility manager, Hüsey in Züle, said wrestling fans from all over Turkey are coming here: “We expect Kırkpınar to be more crowded than last year. This year we have a golden belt and additional spectators. It’s been a year. I’m waiting for everyone to see intense wrestling. ” He expressed his opinion.