Praise to Galatasaray fans of Barcelona’s Xavi director: It was one of the best atmospheres of my career!

In the UEFA Europa League Round 16, Barcelona won the quarter-final ticket and beat Galatasaray 2-1 in a 0-0 rematch in Istanbul. Xavi Hernandez, the coach of the Catalan team, also made an important statement after a big fight.

The Spanish coach emphasized that they won a very important match, “Galatasaray defended very well. Winning this match is very valuable. When and how they attack Congratulations to the players because they know. I’m very happy with this. Work and their efforts. In the second match compared to the first match. “” We play much better. We can say we played with more patience and personality. Quarterfinals. We’ll look at each match. The Galatasaray match was very important to us. I want to win this trophy. ” Said.

A successful technical boss who was also praised for the atmosphere of Nef Stadium said, “Competitiveness makes me uncomfortable in the game. I had high blood pressure. This was one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen. Career. I prepared accordingly. I was late, but I responded well. The atmosphere was perfect. How should I respond? “He commented.

The young coach said about the game plan, “I think I played well. I was good at the center. I needed to create an open space. I needed to add depth to the game. It was better than Galatasaray. First half. Game Continued to add depth to and won. “

Xavi noted on Simbomb’s prominent star, Kerem Akturkor, “We focused on Kerem. He was one of the best in Galatasaray. He paid special attention …”

Xavi also used the following statement at a press conference held after the match:

Xavi said he played well in both halves, saying, “I’m glad I played in the center and midfield. I had to create an open space. I’m always a positive person. I thought I played better than Galatasaray in the first half. So I didn’t make any changes to the game in the second half. It’s the same in the second half. I just continued to add depth to the game. “

“We take good steps for Kerem”

When asked about what the atmosphere created by Galatasaray fans would look like from the side of the field, Xavi gave the following answer:

“I’m pretty active at the edge. I’m a competitive person. Usually I’m a calm person. But if you’re a competitive person, it’s impossible not to be active in the field. Kerem is a very fast player, he was one of the best players in Galatasaray. We paid close attention to him. We dominated the game. What is the atmosphere? Did it happen? I knew it, so I responded well. “

“I want to win this cup”

Before El Clásico on the weekend, in response to a question about how the team’s physical condition was affected after this match, Xavi said, “I’m watching each match. This match was very important. I want to win. This cup, I think we deserve it. We morale go to El Clásico and go there. “There will be another scenario,” he said.

“Galatasaray can’t go in the second half”

Xavi said he worked hard on the training, “The players are having a lot of fun. I was under pressure because I had the ball today. I couldn’t get Galatasaray in the second half. Patience. That’s what we do. That’s what I wanted. “

“This was one of the best ambians I’ve ever seen in my career.”

“It was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever seen in my career,” Xavi said for fans of the AliSami Yen Sports Complex.

“Kelem has an interesting talent and Domenech is a very good teacher.”

Xavi commented on Kerem Aktürkoğlu, saying:

“Kelem is a very good player and has an interesting talent. He is very good one-on-one. But we dominated the game. It’s normal for Galatasaray to have a chance. But there was little chance. Domenech is a very good coach. He formed a very good block in defense, but he can’t break this block. ” I can say that I did my best to do so.

“I can see Sevilla as a favorite, but we also want a cup.”

The young coach said he wasn’t familiar with his UEFA Europa League opponents and said, “This is the trophy we just experienced. I think Sevilla has won this trophy many times and I like it. But we are on track and we are aiming for this trophy. “

Finally, Xavi said, “This match was a game of patience. It was a very important match for us. We are happy to win.”