Praise to Alperen Shenggun-TRT Spor

Tasuri, a basketball coach in Giresun, said he had been playing basketball for a long time in the past and started coaching in 1997. Taslı explained that he left coaching four years later and went abroad, and when he returned to Japan in 2011, he said he started coaching again and started training students.

Taslı explained that Alperen Şengün’s father, KemalŞengün, played basketball together on a high school school team.After returning to Japan, Kemal, who knew I was doing this job, asked his eldest son and explained that he was too late. Kemal later proposed his son Alperen and I started hiring him. ..” Said.

Taslı said he had worked with AlperenŞengün for about three years and continued:

“He came steadily without rest. Of course, I had to go to a place with basketball to go beyond a certain level. I knew this, so I immediately called him. I took him to a match held under the name. It’s a small festival. Teacher Ahmet Gürgen identified him and handed Alperen to the Bambit team. He started playing basketball here. His development. The part was the Bambit Sports Club. “

“He adapts to his environment very quickly.”

Taslı emphasized that Alperen has many features. “He has a warrior spirit. It comes from the environment in which he lived and grew up. He is a bold, fearless, heartfelt boy, reaching out to everything. He Has shown this since he was a kid. He showed us the light.‘ He said.

Taslı said Alperen Şengün is very confident.“He adapts very quickly to his environment. He did this in Bambit. He goes through the transition period in a very short time and then adapts in a very short time.‘ He said.

“I’m 19 years old, but players aged 24 to 25 have a lot of experience playing.”

Salim Tasri emphasized that Alperen has a natural talent and continued his words:

“The world’s most famous league, the NBA, is at the pinnacle of basketball. All the critics and basketball people out there said,” I didn’t expect so much development in the short term, I hope for this success. I didn’t. ” His special talent If you teach it, he will not show up unless the player has an instinctive talent, he has his own leaven. He is 19 years old, but is playing with the experience of an actor aged 24-25. He is a natural feature of this. This talent is not like “I found it, I taught it”.

Shengung points out that he is a player with room for self-improvement, and Tasuri said:What is the biggest phase of the NBA? To be an all-star is to be an MVP. He has the ability and ability to receive such awards very comfortably. The time will come when he will be in a position to obtain them very easily. “ Said.

Salim Tasri said Alperen can easily make some moves in basketball.From morning till evening, “How do you do this movement?” Let’s work and teach. This cannot be applied to a match, but Alperen does it when pulling it out in a match. I have no job. He is very confident in his basketball.“He evaluated.

Taslı said he was in contact with Alperen over the phone and said he had evaluated the match.

“Basketball is loved by Giresun and is a city with basketball culture.”

Emphasizing that Giresun has talented children, Tasri concludes his words:

“We are working to make them show up when the time comes. Basketball is loved in Giresun, a city with basketball culture. Looking at the Black Sea, the states with players in the NBA Is there? No one. Previously, top league level teams were closed. In Giresun, there are ready spectators. When you put the first league team in the gym, the hole is It will be full. “