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One of the most discussed issues these days was the last statement from EMRA on electricity prices. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has decided on a “maximum settlement” price for power plants by a board decision. This decision aims to prevent the increased cost of energy raw materials from being reflected in invoices.

In the EMRA statement on the decision of the board of directors held today, the procedure for measures taken within the framework of the authority conferred by relevant laws at the board of directors on March 17 will result in unreasonable power energy prices. It reminded us that it contributes to the safety of the supply of power plants that cannot be produced due to the increase in resource costs.

The EMRA statement emphasized that while the differences in power generation costs are close to each other, there is no problem in the market, but a significant increase in the difference in power generation cost will result in more than a reasonable increase for free. market price. “It poses a risk of price increases for all consumers, whether or not they buy energy from regulated rates.” Statement was included.

“Insurance to protect the fair and competitive structure of our market”

In this regard, EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz said today’s board of directors is included in a statement to determine the highest settlement price for power plants, a similar mechanism applies to European countries. Said.

Yılmaz said it aims to prevent the rising costs of imported energy raw materials such as natural gas and coal from global development from being reflected in invoices.

“While winter and spring precipitation is pleasing to hydropower, the high cost of imported products still keeps market prices at very high levels. On the one hand there are low cost power plants and on the other hand high cost power plants. There is a large source of employment but a cost power plant on the verge of closure We are experiencing an extraordinary era and it is essential to balance such processes. Strong and temporary. We will protect the sustainability of the market with a support mechanism, and with full cooperation, we will never allow the deterioration of the market structure without passing on these cost increases to consumers. As a starting point. The highest settlement prices determined are natural gas and imported coal. It was determined to be 2,500 lira. Per megawatt hour for power plants and 1200 lira for other power plants.

Yılmaz said these numbers will be sent to EP0054AŞ and a pool will be created in the light of those numbers to cover support costs:

“Support fees are shared in a fair and transparent manner, so billing does not rise to cover all consumers and contributes to the security of market supply. This type of temporary. Under the mechanism, in some European countries, power plants also share the cost burden of consumers’ electricity bills: “This is considered an insurance and safety valve to protect the fair and competitive structure of the market. It should be and the law. In this process, where both our state and our citizens have made great sacrifices, our industry must also play that role, and I sincerely believe it will be. “( AA)

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