Postponement Statement from Brak Elmas-TRT Spor

Elmas making a statement“I don’t want torpedoes from anyone. I’m waiting for a lion-like rival to play in Arisamien on Monday. I submitted an application to the Turkish Football Federation on March 11 for the postponement of Galatasaray. March 14 The Besiktas match, which was scheduled for Sunday and Monday, was scheduled for a later date. “ I used the phrase.

Elmas said, noting that the black-and-white community approached this request negatively:

“After our application, some Besiktas managers and supporters have expressed negative views on this issue. I follow them. They may be right according to themselves. , We are also right. The reason for our legitimacy is not just that we believe. Galatasaray will suffer from this process, but we are afraid. Needless to say, we The right reason is that I’m confident that Turkish football will be the most painful part of this process. Turkish football needs some changes. Yes, it may be easiest not to change, but changes We’ve seen together what we’ve faced in the last 20 years of choosing not to. Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Besiktas Have you had a sustainable success as Turkish football over the last 20 years? He likes to shoot. While you’re saying this, you may have noticed that we’re soaking our bags ourselves. For years, we’ve evacuated to the “primitive rivalry” rhetoric. Then they grabbed each other with their feet and dragged us down. This is from our league, football and clubs. Let’s try another method. Yes, competition is exciting, but etiquette is “healed” and, like tenderness, etiquette is contagious. “

“Galatasaray does not need torpedoes or favors”

In a statement reminding the Turkish Football Federation to postpone all tournaments in the lower leagues and the Turkish Football Federation making the same decision, Elmas made the following assessment:

“At this point, I feel an obligation to remind everyone who has a say in the application regarding the postponement. Eight months ago, Besiktas Gymnastics Club President, the main rule that must not be changed and equality. To ensure good economic competition. On behalf of Turkey in Europe. We need benefits and we need tolerance to the limits. He demands in his own words and aims for country points. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to break these rules. It’s important to be honest in observing the rules. Garatasarai, who continue to fight undefeated in Europe, don’t need to be upheld at this point, they. Misunderstood us. They usually don’t understand our fight to win Turkey’s +1 quarter by raising the score in our country. They even point during the season. They didn’t even get points, so they started with the phrase “country points, country points”‘, they couldn’t even score in Europe. They don’t know Galatasaray because they forgot to win in Europe. The main reason is the unusual weather conditions that caused many league games to be postponed and stopped living in Istanbul. .. In such an unusual situation caused by heavy snow, it is clear that there is no ground to handle two games in three days. In addition, the main problem is that our team is still unable to reach Istanbul. Therefore, a reasonable and decisive battle with Barcelona at Camp Nou Thursday night. The reason is that our team exhibiting Dere hasn’t returned to Istanbul yet and it seems like they can’t. It is not clear at this time if he will be able to return to Istanbul on Sunday in the current situation. It is the disappearance of a fair competitive environment for reasons other than us. For Turkish football, it is our team’s desire to be 100% ready for the match before the most important struggle of recent years on the European stage. “

-“Acceptance of application will make an indescribable contribution to the climate of solidarity.”

Elmas emphasized the issue of national scores in his statement, stating:

“Turkey football is of great value to our country’s score, so all the successes we achieve in the Europa League during this difficult time. A trip to the quarterfinals, even the possibility of a final match, It will give great hope, confidence and morale to our whole country, and above all, the acceptance of the application by this party will make an indescribable contribution to the kindness and solidarity we have been waiting for for many years. Let’s say we are in an era when words change, transform and cleanliness are most used. In Turkish football. Now we have passed the test of integrity of these words. Meanwhile, I If our application is not accepted, we will play like a lion. It’s okay. Be careful not to get angry. Turkish football will rattle when a similar situation occurs tomorrow. When we need the will, we stand by our country, Turkish sports, and our eternal friends as if nothing had happened. What we did for our country We are proud. We hear. This is a requirement of the Galata Sarai values ​​that we have inherited from the founder and taught by the legendary president who has proudly raised this flag to this day. It is these values ​​that have made Galata Sarai exist for 117 years. No one needs a torpedo. We don’t say a little to take care of us, we cover us up. Say it’s enough not to be. I’m waiting to play when a lion-like rival arrives at Nef Stadium in Arisami Yen at 20:00 on Monday. “