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Besiktas beat MKE Ankaragucu 3-2 in Week 5 of the Sportoto Super League to retain their lead.

After trailing 2-1 in the first half of the game at Eryaman Stadium, the black-and-white team won the match 3-2 to extend their third consecutive win.

– A fan on the field kicked a Besiktas footballer

After the final whistle of a very tense match, a fan entered the field and kicked a Besiktas player.


An altercation broke out between the two benches in the final moments of the match. After the referee blew the final whistle, a fan jumped onto the field from behind the goal and attacked the black-and-white footballer in the midfield next to the referee. Matched.

Security forces seized supporters of the attack and took them outside.

An Ankaragücü officer quarreled with Wout Weghorst.

Josef de Souza receives a red card.

Besiktas experienced footballer Josef de Souza was shown a red card for arguing with a fan on the field.

Salif Usan, who was involved in the incident, said after the game: If Cenk hadn’t taken the step, I would have been kicked by the fans. Josef kicked the fan out when he saw this. What about team captains? Was he going to say, “Hey brother, you can kick me”?

Besiktas coach Valerien Ismael said in a statement to the broadcaster: “There was a moment of intense emotion. I do not understand why Joseph received a red card. He received a card when he defended his teammate. I understand your sentiment, but it is unacceptable for fans to enter the field and attack our players. Joseph I cannot accept red in this sense.

In a statement, Cenk Tosun said: “Whether I passed the game, won or lost, it doesn’t matter. What happened after the game is unacceptable. There are a lot of police, there are guards, but why are the fans can come to us?” Throw a flying kick? ” He said.

Wout Weghorst said: “I can’t say what happened at the end of the match was normal. But this is unacceptable, someone should punch Cenk and say, “For example, Joseph was given a red card, but was trying to prevent someone from trying to get in our way. Things had nothing to do with football,” he said.

– Dele Alli scored his first goal

Besiktas’ new transfer, English footballer Dele Alli, has scored his first goal for the capital in a black-and-white jersey.

The English player, who scored the team’s second goal against MKE Ankaragücü, also experienced goal-scoring pleasure about a year later.

Dele Alli scored the final goal for England team Tottenham against Slovenian international Mura in the UEFA Europa League on 30 September 2021.

– Mureka keeps scoring

One of Besiktas’ newer transfers, Jackson Muleka, has televised the opponent’s net for three games in a row.

Muleka, who scored the first black-and-white goal of the match, increased his number of goals to four. Muleka scored two goals in the league against Vavakar Safatif his Karag Murruk and Demir Group he scored one goal against Sivaspor.

– Good start for Tolga Sigerci

MKE Ankaragücü’s newest transfer, Tolga Cigerci, is off to a promising start to his career as a capital international.

Playing well in midfield, Tolga became the passer for both goals the team scored. Four days after joining the team, after Zahid left the game, Torga Sigerci took on this responsibility, wearing the captain’s armband.

Tolga Cigerci’s good performance was not enough for his team to score.