Police knocked down an 89-year-old professor on Medicine Day

Wall- Healthcare workers enter the 2022 Medical Day Week behind protests and layoffs. The Istanbul Medical Council, which announced in a press release in Kadikoy yesterday that it would quit its job, wanted to dedicate a wreath to Taksim Square at 11:00 today. Doctors gathered to read the March 14 statement were blocked by police.

“I wish I hadn’t seen these days”

A brawl broke out after police did not allow the monument to pass. At that time, 89-year-old Professor Erdinç Köksal fell to the ground. Köksal said: “I’m 89. I have a pacemaker. We’re here to protect our rights. I wish I hadn’t seen it recently.”

The doctor left the wreath on the police barrier. Ottoman Kuchucosmanoul, Secretary-General of the Istanbul Medical Council, said: We even read about it in 1919. But today they didn’t allow it. “

The statement blocked by police included the following statement:

We are in G (S) again: Today is March 14th Type Day. But today we need to take a vacation, but unfortunately we are back at G (Ö) REV and we are still fighting for our rights. The executives of this health care system, who endanger public health, do not care about the health of our labor and society. But when it comes to protecting private healthcare companies and the rich, it doesn’t know the boundaries. Even during the epidemic, they did not give up on this understanding. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, and hundreds of doctors and health care workers have died. They spent their days beautifying the medical system and municipal hospitals. Despite all our efforts and sacrifices, they also told us, “If they go, let them go.”

First of all, I would like to emphasize it again. In the most difficult times of the epidemic, we were here at all costs, despite your unscientific epidemic management. Tomorrow I will be here as before.

We will continue to protect the future: We have repeatedly requested to hear the voice in response to urgent demands. As you continue to ignore our workforce, we want you to know it. We stand before you with all our righteousness and continue to protect our labor and our future. At the Beyaz G (ö) REV on December 15th and February 8th, we showed that we would protect efforts at all medical institutions throughout Turkey, from family medical centers to university hospitals. As I have been saying since October, “our work, our words”. People who ignore us, ignore and ignore us, people who listen to our voices, “If they go, let them go, we also hire doctors who have just graduated from college. Therefore, we invite people who want to return from overseas and hire them.Now is the time for G (ö) REV to take care of our culture, profession, and future together again. We know: the solution to our problem is only through our own struggle. This is G (ö) of all medical institutions in Turkey on Mondays and Tuesdays March 14-15, 2022, for our labor, rights and health, in order for us to meet urgent demands. ) That’s why I’m in REV!

We don’t have endurance: Make us unhappy and victims of illness. The understanding of health that turns health into commerce, patients into customers, and hospitals into businesses has gone bankrupt. We reiterate that these working conditions, which make us unable to provide medical services, are unsustainable. We are driven into despair every day without paying for our efforts, but we know that the wrong health policies implemented over the years are responsible for all these experiences. We can no longer tolerate a day of violence in the field of health, and even these working conditions where we cannot get the value of money.

We don’t want to stay: We want humane wages to be reflected in retirement. We want to provide quality medical services that allow at least 20 minutes for public health and patients do not have to wait for appointments for months. As an honorable member of the profession devoted to life, we deprive our rights, poor working conditions, saying, “A healthy future is in our hands and labor is our word.” , Continue to fight poverty wages. In this fair and prestigious struggle. We look forward to the support of all our patients and society. Please take care of your health together.