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A domestic athlete with Down Syndrome said he is proud of both his family and Turkey with medals won at national and international organizations.

From a special athlete Snowdrop iron, Hilal Zeynep Akcay, Abdullah Emre Kara, Arda Cinalogle When Emre Asci, In their statement, he said they were working to add something new to their success.

Calderen Demir, 23, one of the national athletes “Since I was a kid, I’ve always been playing sports here (at the track and field stadium on the former 19 Myth Stadium campus). He said.

Snowdrops are for people with Down Syndrome, “Let them play sports every day, go out and be a national athlete like me. I love playing sports. Everyone should play sports.” I used a phrase.

National athlete Hilal Zeynep Akçay (15) states that he continued his education in the eighth grade. “I run 400 and 800 meters. I love all coaches. I love playing sports. I won the Turkish Championships in athletics at 400 and 800 meters. I won 30 medals. I love running. I want all my brothers to run. Same. “ Said.

Abdullah Emre Kara, 15, one of the national athletes with Down Syndrome, said she loves running. “I don’t offend Hasan Deniz Kalaycı. He said.

Abdullah Emre later sang in his own comfortable style.

One of the special athletes, Arda Çınaroğlu (15), said he loves both athletics and swimming. “I swim backstroke and butterflies. I won 15 medals.” Emre Ash (15) said he ran 200 and 400 meters and had been involved in athletics for four years, while Farkan Saka (12) said he ran 100 and 200 meters. He loves sports and will be competing in his first Turkish Championship a month later.

Kalaycı: “No one should be without sports”

Hasan Deniz Kalaycı, a trainer for Down Syndrome athletes, said she has been working with special children for 12 years.

He said he is still actively running marathons and half marathons on the Trabzonspor athletics team, and Kalaycı provided information about his athletes.

Kardelen Demir’s achievements draw attention to Kalaycı“He has been in athletics for 12 years. At the last European Championship, he won 5 medals in the 1500m and 800m walking and running and 5 medals in the 4×100 relay team. Set an example for other children. He encourages them. He is the sister of a player with Down Syndrome. “ I used a phrase.

Kalaycı said national athlete Hilal Zeynep Akçay has been involved in athletics for 6.5 years. “He has joined the athletics national team and is very successful. He sets the example for a special athlete like him. He represents our country very well on the international stage. I hope. “ He said.

Kalaycı states that they have been working with Abdullah Emre Kara for three years, saying: “Sports is a tool for him to socialize, express himself and get out of the house. He found himself here as well. I hope he represents our country well at home and abroad. . “ I made that evaluation.

Kalaycı, generally regarding her work on people with Down Syndrome “Our biggest goal is to show that these special kids are no different than the others. There are many special kids at home. Looking at these kids,” We can play sports and we can succeed too. ” There are youth centers in all states, from which you can go to sports. People with Down Syndrome, mentally handicapped people, visually impaired people, unseen siblings, and physically handicapped people can all play sports. No one should be left without sports. “ I made a statement.

“We have begun to succeed in terms of sports and socialization.”

Kalaycı said that so far more than 1000 children have been contacted to start the sport. “Currently, I have nearly 100 children. I train them two days a week. It was a little difficult at first. Now I have obstacles in both rehabilitation, sports and socialization. “ He said.

Kalaycı said they sent him to other branches besides running. “Children learn to express themselves first. Not everything here is a sport. They may not be able to come and run. They are just waiting and watching. Only. Sometimes they do nothing during training. The important thing is that they socialize through the sport and find themselves. They succeed in the sport. “ I used a phrase.

Kalaycı also contributed significantly to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minister of Youth Sports, Mehmet Muharlem Casapol, President of the Turkish Special Athletes Sports Federation, Virol Aidin, and the disabled to start sports. Thank you to the people.