Pesic: My focus is always football-TRT Spor

From Greece to Moldova, France to Italy, Saudi Arabia to South Korea and Israel, Alexander Pesic, who continues his career in Turkey’s Karagum Luk jersey, described football and his life in an interview with Tamsaha magazine. ..

In addition to his success in professional life and lack of major injuries “There are many external factors that distract people from football when they are young and deprive them of their concentration. I’m not the one who is devoted to those subjects, so I can always stay focused on football. I did. “ Said.

“My relationship with my family is always very warm.”

Pesic left his family when he went to Greece at the age of 16. “I was born in Munich, Germany. But at the age of two, my family and I returned to Serbia and settled in Varnish, a city near the border with Bulgaria. About 6-7 hours from Istanbul. A city. My mother is a typical housewife and mother of my mother. Personality. My mother takes care of my sister, prepares us and sends us to school and we in every way I’ve been away from me. I’m a family, but in general my relationship with my family is always very warm. This has also influenced my educational life. At the beginning of my educational life, the elementary school I attended was focused on Sucker and had a school team. Many soccer players played professionally with me on this school team. Our school was named Filip Filipovic and later renamed Dusco Radovic. It was a very soccer-based elementary school with very good players. Yes. For example, now Verona. , PAOK, Serbian National Team, Benfica, and many players still playing in the Belgian League were my friends at the school. I remember because our school is based on soccer. My memory is about playing soccer. I couldn’t spend time on lessons and was focused on soccer. At that time, it was always joking between us and the teacher. They said, “You. We will focus more on our research, “but we answered,” No, we will be soccer players. ” In general, our school memories are always football and a dream of football. I’m not staying in one place too much. If he wasn’t a soccer player, he might have been a firefighter. They also change places a lot, so they are constantly running from place to place. I used the phrase.

“My first love has always been football.”

He said he was also interested in basketball, Pesic said, “My mother played basketball from an early age. My dad also played soccer, but the level wasn’t that high. On the other hand, my sister tried many sports branches, but none of them succeeded. I used to make fun of her. She often said, “Don’t waste your time anymore. I don’t have much sports talent.” My first love was always football. I am also very interested in basketball and love it very much. “There is no future for basketball.” He said.

“I’m a fan of Ronaldo, Zlatan and Forlan.”

Mr. Pesic pointed out to the star player the question of who is the role model as a soccer player. “My first role model was Ronaldo, Brazil. I loved him, but I still love him very much. After seeing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he became my second role model. became. “” I used the phrase.

“Karagümryuk’s vision and project fascinated me a lot.”

Despite receiving offers from various teams, the striker expressed his preference for Karagümryuk, saying: “Come here wasn’t a decision I had to think hard for a long time. I was playing in Israel and received offers from various teams to transfer, but an old friend of Karagümük’s staff. I got the information from. The opportunity that the project and the club offer me here is very good for both sides. I decided to come at the time of the joint decision. Frankly, for me. Was a 10 minute decision. I was very attracted to Karagümük’s vision, the project. The football he wanted to play and the points he wanted to move himself. In addition, except for Karagümük. I don’t want to talk about the Turkish team that wants me. It’s the subject and we shouldn’t talk about it. The biggest motivation that brought me closer to Karagümük’s choice was what the project and team wanted to do here. That was. The project impressed me. The spirit of the team, management style, ability, quality, potential, the target of the players here, and their presence in the current team gave me my presence. It motivated me. I strengthened this, but one of the factors is that my wife really loves Israel and I think playing with the Israeli team will make her very happy too. “ He said.

“It’s more fun to play soccer at these venues.”

Talking about Karagümük playing at the Olympic Stadium, Pesic said, “I had the opportunity to go to a really great stadium and play a match. There is a very high quality and high level stadium. Not only for big team stadiums, but also for different parts of Anatolia, with the latest technology. Very high level stadium. Very nice. What is it. Playing football at these venues brings great joy to both players and spectators. Speaking of this, we are bleeding You have to point out the scars that are there. Of course, playing in a stadium like this in front of fans is our biggest dream. It definitely has a supportive effect on all teams. Where are we going? You can even see it. When there is a stadium like this, we are definitely a much different, much more ambitious and much better place. “ Said.

“Turkey is very competitive”

Comparing the Turkish Super League with the other leagues he played, the red and black soccer players, “In fact, it’s a very high quality and strong league. It’s a league with a high level of competitive team. The competition is very fierce. There are many excellent Turkish and foreign players. This Investing in the league is also high. Compared to other leagues, the National League is a player-satisfying league. I got this information from a friend who played here before. “ I used the phrase.

“I want to stay in the race”

Talking about the highest scorer, Pesic said, “I will fight to the end. I want to stay in that race. When I signed here, I thought,” I wish I could finish the league among the four or five players who scored the most. ” Other friends who were racing with me increased the number of goals they scored, but they still do their best. From a goal perspective, let’s see where the season ends.‘ He said.