People noticed the power of the Turkish lira

Wall ―――― Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati spoke at Urfa Viranşehir. “We are one of the people who know best how to fight inflation. It’s gone lately. Today, to spread pessimism and demoralize people,” Nevaty said in a statement about inflation. We are working hard and calling on those who complain about Turkey. This country does not thank anyone. “

“We know how to fight those who get in the way of investors. We stand in front of those who create bureaucratic obstacles,” Nevaty added.

“Overthrowing the bureaucracy, putting the president behind, relaxing, and changing the bill,” Nevaty said, talking to French foreign investors on weekdays.

Regarding the leveling of exchange rates, Nabati said, “People have begun to experience the beauty of business with the Turkish lira. While doing business, our entrepreneurs are not interested in inflation, but much more than inflation. I learned to do business at a rate below that of the people. The people realized the power of the Turkish lira. “

The highlights of Nabati’s remarks are:

I know you need a doctor: We have taught local governments to those who do not know the most basic local government services. We have given their rights to those who are eligible for the most basic services. I didn’t write or draw a project to stay on a bench or shelf. We worked day and night to carry out the project. And we came to Viransehir with hundreds of projects, and we continue to come. We are building 125 medical facilities worth nearly 3 billion lira and a municipal hospital with an investment cost of 4.5 billion lira. We are aware that greetings from otolaryngology, neurology, gynecology, chest disease, orthopedists, and the Minister of Health are required, so we would appreciate it if you could come to the store as soon as possible. We are starting large-scale housing with at least 1000 units through TOK0054. Hopefully we’ll be working on it too. With a greeting from the Minister of National Education, we have started the 75 Lead Project. He said he would come in three months. Two months have passed. He hopes next month will come.

I hope it explodes in agricultural production: As you know, we have reduced the VAT of food to 1%. For agricultural subscribers, it was reduced to 8%. And most importantly, let’s talk clearly about solar power plants. Within three years, the energy demand of agricultural subscribers will be zero. That’s not enough, you will sell the surplus electricity you generate by Allah’s vacation. Our farmers wouldn’t say “my electricity is cut off, I can’t afford to pay the invoice, it’s too expensive” for three years. We will provide the opportunity under the conditions that will be announced tomorrow. Turkey hopes to produce solar energy itself in Sanliurfa Viransehir, which needs the sun, and to explode in agricultural production with the energy it produces. If a 1000 MW HEPP facility is established, it will meet the needs of Turkey in two years and will invest 8 million decare of irrigation land. All types of investment will continue, both in agricultural co-operatives and in other areas.

No one can stop an entrepreneur: I’ll say it again. We know how to fight those who block investors. What I mean is to stand in front of those who create bureaucratic obstacles. You can see us as the leaders in the president’s war against bureaucratic oligarchy. Investors and entrepreneurs investing in this country cannot be blocked or blocked. We get in the way of these obstacles. This is done with both public-private cooperation and public investment.

With God’s permission, with your prayers, we overcome these: We are experiencing difficulties. Today, commodity and oil prices are rising around the world. For the past two years, we have tried not to reflect that. Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world and is actively differentiated. The world has grown while shrinking, achieving double-digit growth of 11% in 2021. We are currently under inflationary pressure. I will solve it. What are the problems that could not be solved in 20 years? We have been working on a bigger problem. God is willing and we will overcome this in your prayer. We are working, we will continue to work, and we are the ones who know best how to fight inflation, these days are gone. Remember that after all the difficulties there is ease.

This country does not teach anyone God’s permission: When the epidemic began two years ago, those who said, “This country is dead, it’s over,” and those who saw growth and development in two years hit their heads against the wall. But don’t worry. While I’m going to London today to attract investment in Turkey, I’m calling on people who are spreading pessimism in an attempt to demoralize those who complain about Turkey. We are representatives of a powerful country, which does not thank or plead with anyone with the permission of Allah. We are representatives of a country that has a strong national civilization and has known its strength from the past, and we will not face any difficulties. Just as I was wrong for two years, I will continue to be wrong.

The exchange price is reasonable: Turkey’s economic model is a reality and the world is now following this model. Currency prices are reasonable, they started this time, why do you think it is reasonable, what are you doing? I have faith. People have begun to experience the beauty of doing business with the Turkish lira. While doing business, our entrepreneurs have learned to do business at interest rates well below inflation, not above inflation. People have noticed the power of the Turkish lira. These difficult days are gone, just as we have overcome inflation, the country knows how to overcome these pessimists. (News Center)