Peace talks between Ukraine and Russia end Russia’s statement that “operations will stop”

Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul are over. A Ukrainian delegation said, “Let’s make Turkey a guarantor.” The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that it has decided to stop the war in several places.


The meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian negotiating delegation at ISTANBUL Dolmabahce lasted about three hours. Ukrainian delegation David Alacamia, who issued a statement after the meeting, said he would like to see eight countries, including Turkey, as guarantors.

Other countries that the Kyiv administration wants to see as guarantors are Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Canada and Israel.

Ukraine has announced that it hopes the guarantor will be invited to the negotiations within two weeks. “The results of today’s meeting are sufficient for a leader-level meeting,” said Mikhail Podryak, a Ukrainian delegation.

They sought a guarantee from the guarantor, as in NATO Article 5.
The Ukrainian delegation, David Arakhamia, described the guarantor’s national system as follows:
-“The same guarantee as in NATO’s fifth article is required. In this article, in the case of an attack on Ukraine, consultation with the guarantee country will begin within 3 days, and if a diplomatic solution cannot be achieved thereafter, the guarantee will be required. The country will be able to provide us with military and weapons support. It may be possible to take all steps to ensure that there is an agreement on these key provisions. Hmm. That’s a matter of our principles.

Russia announces: war stops in three places

The Russian Ministry of Defense has declared that it will “stop operations around Kyiv and Chernihiv for dialogue.” A Russian delegation has announced that the meeting with the Ukrainian side in Istanbul is constructive. Medinsky, head of the Russian delegation, said:

Will continue tomorrow
It was previously announced that the talks would last for two days. The meeting will continue tomorrow. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, allegedly poisoned, also attended the meeting. Prior to the meeting at the Dolmabahce Presidential Labor Bureau, President Tayyip Erdogan addressed delegations from Russia and Ukraine. The headings for Erdogan’s statement are:

-“Peace will not lose. It is not in the interest of anyone to prolong the conflict. It is up to the parties to stop this tragedy. It is time to get concrete results. I think. It comes from negotiations.

“It is possible to address the legitimate concerns of both countries and reach a solution that the international community accepts as credible. Progress in negotiations will enable the next step, leader-level contact. Are ready to host such a conference. “

-The whole world is waiting for the good news from you. You are laying the foundation for peace under the guidance of your leaders, we are ready for any contribution.

Ready to host a leaders meeting
-Today we are leaving for Tashkent. If necessary, we will entrust the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Istanbul to provide the necessary support.

-There is no role in mediation of negotiations, but we will continue to provide smooth opportunities upon request. We recognize that we are discussing difficult and complex issues in the interview.

-You can also contact at the leader level. We are also ready to host such a conference.

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is in Dolmabahce …

Russian and Ukrainian delegations gathered for negotiations. An impressive image has been released by the Dolmabahce Presidential Office. The image shows Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who was previously said to have been in Istanbul, sitting next to Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Karn at the location of the negotiations.

Abramovich’s description from the Kremlin
Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, has issued a statement regarding his participation in the Abramovich talks. Peskoff said: “Abramovich is involved in establishing certain contacts with Russia, but he is not an official member of the Russian delegation and his participation in the negotiations has been approved by both sides. Whether the negotiations promise or not You will see the result today or tomorrow. “

“Vodka” dialogue between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators
The interesting dialogue that took place when the Russian and Ukrainian delegations sat at the table was reflected in the land and made both negotiators laugh. As the meeting was about to begin, Russian negotiator Medinskiy took the bottle to the table and began to look it up. This caught the attention of Ukrainian negotiator David Alacamia. “He’s a disinfectant,” Arakamia turned to a Russian negotiator. “I thought he was vodka,” Medinisky said. This dialogue between the two caused a short smile at the table where difficult negotiations were taking place.