Paying attention to summer sports injuries, sports doctors warned against injuries.Dandar: “Unknowing sports increase the risk of injury” Two of Turkey’s 150 sports doctors are in Gaziantep


Very little known and few sports doctors in Turkey warned citizens of sports injuries. One of the two sports doctors working at Gaziantep, Ph.D. 0054brahim Dündar said unconscious exercise can lead to serious injuries.
As the effects of the coronavirus epidemic disappear and the weather warms, the focus on sports can lead to injuries. Unconscious sports can be seriously injured, but Dr. Sports doctors Ömer Özkan and וbrahim Dündar, who work at the Mujahideen Annex Building at the Ersin Arslan Training and Research Hospital, warned citizens of sports injuries.

Sports medicine is not available in all hospitals
A limited number of hospitals and doctors in Turkey. The Sports Medicine Department of Ersin Arslan Training and Research Hospital provides medical services to athletes in the region. Sports physicians, who allow amateur or professional athletes to recover quickly as a result of physical injury, heal the injury in a short amount of time with successful treatments.

“We make the first diagnosis of an athlete’s injury.”
He said he had worked for Gaziantep for two years, and sports doctor specialist Dr. Omer Ozkan said that Gaziantep currently has only two sports doctors. Sports medicine is a special division, Ozkan said: “We support all information related to sportsmen’s injuries, follow-ups, reinstatements, sports, consulting and doping. Sports medicine has no surgical intervention and is classified as an internal branch. However, we have also decided to lead athletes to surgery after an injury has occurred. We will make the first diagnosis of an athlete’s injury. Currently, the number of athletes applying for us is gradually increasing. “He said.

“Sports medicine is not well known”
Dr. He stated that he had been working at Ersin Arslan Training and Research Hospital for two years, and sports physician specialist Dr. 0054brahim Dündar emphasized that sports medicine is less well known. He points out that he assists athletes in sports injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition, dosing and doping, saying: Create an athlete’s health report and conduct a license exam. We are more interested in sports injuries and their rehabilitation. The difference from orthopedics is that they see a surgical need. They can perform surgery. Provides exercise support after medication and treatment. “

“Unknowing sports increase the risk of injury.”
“For us, there is no difference in any sports sector. Unknowing sports increase the risk of injury,” said Dundal, who is testing athletes’ return to sports after an injury. Especially on the carpet pitch, the risk of injury is high. There are about 150 sports doctors in Turkey, of which about 4050 work in public hospitals. We also provide nutritional and injection treatments for athletes. After being injured during sports, you must first apply for an emergency team. Then they need to be directed at us. First, it is appropriate to apply cold air to repair the injured part. ..


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