“Patience” advice for young sports ministers


Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Minister of Youth Sports, In a recent speech to college graduates, he said patience is the key to unlocking many things. “With patience, faith and hope, you did it without giving up.” Said.

In a speech at the Ankara Yıldırım Bayazut University Sports Science Graduation Ceremony, Minister Casapol said he was very pleased to be able to attend a meaningful day for new graduates and share their excitement.

Emphasizing that the graduates are opening a new page and taking a step towards a new beginning, Kasapoğlu said: “Congratulations on your efforts and graduation. You worked with patience, patience, and faith, and you came to this day after sleepless nights and tired days. Perseverance is the key to unlocking many. You have achieved this without giving up, with patience, faith and hope. “ He said.

Kasapoğlu advised the young people to make a decision. “You must never give up on your beliefs, and with patience and patience, you must resolutely follow the path you believe in. Our youth are the model youth of the world. We see this. I know you are breathtaking. Fresh air for humanity. You are the new flower in the gardens of the world. You are the one that makes the world more equitable and prosperous. “ I used the phrase.

Pointing out that Turkey is the most dynamic country in the world and the country with the largest population of young people, Kasapoğlu said: “So our youth will increase the power of Turkey. Our youth will enlighten the whole world.” I made that evaluation.

“Opening the most modern dormitory in Turkey”


“We have been by your side with scholarships, loans, camps and facilities, and we will continue to do so,” said Casapoul, emphasizing that the ministry is with young people by all means. , Our university used this. “Phrase.

Recalling that there is a dormitory on the university campus, Kasapoğlu said, “In the new era, Turkey’s most modern dormitory with a capacity of more than 5,000 will also be in operation. In addition to the dormitory, a new sports facility with a swimming pool, athletics stadium and training facilities will be brought to the university. increase. .‘ He said.

Emphasizing that the ministry offers many opportunities for young people, Casapol continued his words:

“Take the opportunity. Everyone knows that learning science from the cradle to the graveyard is a philosophy. We are a country on this path too. Take advantage of the ministry’s opportunities and academic science. In the best way of their work and obligations, all my friends try to be good people at the same time. “I believe they also achieve their goals. We are deeply devoted to you. No one is this. It won’t hurt the bond. Together, we will strengthen this bond of love and bring it together into a bright future. We are with you in your career path. We are your idea. And keep listening to the project. “

Turkey explained that it is experiencing many problems, said Casapol. “You will take on the task of raising the bar even higher in the future. I recommend that you be part of the solution, constructive and integrated. The job is courageous and confident. It’s a good idea to bring someone who is good at it-confidence and unique identity as an example. “ I made that evaluation.

“Sports is a lifestyle”

Minister Casapol also emphasized that sport is a lifestyle and a culture, “don’t neglect sports. Success in sports is very important.” He said.

Kasapoğlu pointed out that he strengthened cooperation by supporting universities and students, saying: “We believe in the blessings and spirit of brotherhood in this country. We believe that young people will move this forward. Thank you to the professors and do not break contact with them. Please continue below. We wish our university a success. We are on this meaningful path. We will work together to raise the bar. “ He finished his speech.

At the ceremony, Yıldırım Beyazıt Tugra was presented to Minister Kasapoğlu.

Kasapoğlu gave a present to Yakup Çırakoğlu, who graduated from the sports science department in 1st place, and took a selfie with the graduates.