Parliamentary sports bill

Highlights of Article 60 Sports Law

It’s not just football: It covers all sports departments, from soccer balls to handballs, not just soccer.

They would be: Sports clubs can leave the status of the association and become a joint-stock company. It will also be able to unite in the form of a coalition and a coalition to form a superior organization.

Balanced budget: Clubs organized as a joint-stock company can open branches. A balanced budget applies. Teams can borrow as much as their income.

Transparency period: The club ensures transparency by paying and collecting more than a certain amount through the bank.

The manager is responsible for the debt: Club presidents and managers are responsible for debt for the duration of their stay. For this reason, heavy sanctions and imprisonment are on the agenda.

manager: All player agreements will be transparent. The manager can contract with the player for up to 2 years. Fees are between 3-5%. The contract is made in the presence of a notary public.

A new federation is coming: The distinction between subordinate sports federations and independent sports federations has disappeared and is organized as a “sports federation”. The federation is established by a presidential directive.

There are national athletes in the administration: There are at least two national athletes on the federation’s board of directors.

Ministry supervision: All types of expenditures of the Sports Federation (except those with establishment legislation) are inspected by the Ministry of Sports. The president of the federation may serve this task for up to three terms.

Sports clubs will be removed from the association

While explaining the contents of the bill, Alpay Özaran, the secretary general of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the deputy leader of the AK party Izmir, said that the definition of “sports corporation / sports club manager” will be introduced with the proposal. As stated, persons other than members of the Board of Directors are also within the scope of their responsibilities.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency two days ago, Ozaran shared the details of the law as follows:

“In addition to the chairman and members of the board, Sports Co., Ltd. has executive members and managers, and sports clubs also have authorized persons such as sports directors and administrative managers. They will be responsible. . For their trade. Simply put, employees who participate in the transfer process and do not comply with the manager’s wage limits will be liable for damages caused by the property.“”

Ozaran said the sports club will be removed from the association’s qualifications and will be established by registration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs. In this regard, Ozaran said the sports club is ready to gain a special legal status: “At least seven people have come together to set up a sports club and complete the necessary paperwork to complete the ministry. Apply to. ” He is a member of Youth and Sports and is registered as a sports club. “

Sports clubs can unite to establish a “good organization”

Mr. Ozaran explained that sports clubs can unite in the form of federations and coalitions to establish “excellent organizations”, and “it is hoped that clubs such as the Amateur Sports Club Federation can establish coalitions between them.15 Sports Clubs within the same state border get together and say, “We will build a common facility and use it jointly.” They can say. We pave the way for this. Remember that sports are help and sharing. I used the phrase.

Pointing out that the legal infrastructure for the establishment of a sports club would be established by the bill, Ozaran continued his words:

“Anyone who wants to participate in sports activities or competitions can set up a sports company and not need to set up a sports club. You can also set up a sports club or related sports company.” We want to pave the way for incorporation without losing the amateur spirit of sports. “

“We aim to prevent informalism and ensure transparency.”
Alpay Özaran has announced that it will introduce a balanced budget system for sports clubs and sports corporations. Ozaran emphasized that a balanced budget and the principle of “spending as much as income” are essential for clubs and sports corporations, “I also want this, such as the Turkish Football Federation (TFF). The Sports Federation also determines balanced budget requirements: “We have legal limits on team spending. Our clubs also need to comply with UEFA and FIFA financial fair play rules. There is. “

“Payments and collections above a certain amount will be made through financial institutions,” Ozaran said. “All transaction fees, including remittances, payments and debt repayments, will have to be paid over 8,000,500 lira through banks.” Stated. , PTT or financial institution. Therefore, you need to prevent informalism. We aim to ensure transparency. I used the phrase.

Legal and criminal liability
Ozaran said the bill also regulates the legal and criminal liability of the owners of sports clubs and sports corporations. Mr. Ozaran emphasized that this provision is one of the most important provisions: “If you do not follow the rules for allocating debt and accounts receivable, you neglected to cap the administrator’s wages and pay more than 8,000. If 500 lira from the bank, the administrator is responsible for both personal property and damage for one year. They will be sentenced to imprisonment for up to three years. They will not be left behind even if they quit. It will be released. “I used the phrase.

“The distinction between affiliated sports federations and independent sports federations has been abolished in the federations, and all federations are organized as’sports federations’,” said Ozaran. “There are 65 federations, five of which are called independence. TFF is a separate law. Because TFF has an autonomous structure and its own law. Other federations are not autonomous. The 64 federations are indistinguishable and a single organizational form is created. ” Said.

Ozaran said the Commonwealth is currently regulated by law or presidential decree.

“The condition that at least two members must be national athletes”
Explaining that the condition that the headquarters of the sports federation is in Ankara has been abolished and that the General Assembly will be held in Ankara, Ozaran listed the innovations brought about by the proposal as follows.

“This was an item that I had very much valued and wanted very much. The number of members of the Council of the Federation was assigned as 11 permanent members and 11 agents, with at least 2 members. You must be a national athlete. By the way, you will need an inactive national athlete in the relevant sports sector. The requirement to be a candidate for the president of the federation and not be convicted of a particular crime will be expanded and updated. Modifications and incentive bonuses will not be the president of the federation.

The standards of the federation’s secretariat have been introduced. They have 5 years of professional experience and are set by criteria such as graduating from college. It is stipulated that a person may be president of the federation continuously or intermittently for up to three terms. In the Federation Presidential Candidate Application, the 15% representative’s written proposal and nomination application fee will be adjusted according to the judicial decision.

At the Olympic and Paralympic Stadium, the regular general meeting will be held within 3 months after the end of the Olympic Games, but it will be canceled in the case of a pandemic. In this case, we will adjust the timing of the federation general meeting. The General Assembly will be held within 3 months after the cancellation or postponement if there is a delay of 1 year or more, or if a decision such as cancellation or postponement is made.

“Those who form their own federation will be punished.”
Ozaran said the Ministry of Youth and Sports controls all kinds of work, transactions and spending for sports federations, and the federation with the founding law, TFF, is outside the scope of this issue.

Mr Ozaran pointed out that it also regulates the punishment of federal, coalition, and agency officials who set up unauthorized transactions under similar names, saying “the federal government is established by law or presidential decree.

Ozaran explained that the structure of the TFF Arbitration Commission is regulated in accordance with the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the Act on the Establishment and Obligations of the Turkish Football Federation. Ozaran has a four-year term of arbitration committee or board of directors, requires at least 10 years of professional experience for arbitration committee members, and a pledge of independence and impartiality for arbitration committee members.

Strict sanctions on “withdrawal contracts”
Ozaran emphasized that the management system will be regulated and pointed out that a transparent system that prioritizes the interests of soccer players and clubs will gain functionality. Mr Ozaran said there was an upper limit on administrative costs, he said:

“It will be decided that a contract of up to two or three years will be signed between the soccer player and the manager in the form of a notary. If the wage limit is violated, the manager will be liable for both assets and criminals. This is called a contract and imposes administrative and judicial sanctions on the parties. If such a contract is detected, the player will be banned from competition for one year under the license of the manager. Completely canceled. , The manager who signs this contract will be punished with a judicial fine of 100 to 300 days. “

“The sports community will continue to function on a stronger foundation.”
Recalling that they established the sports infrastructure very well and enacted regulations on violence in sports, Ozaran said that after the law on sports clubs and sports federations was enacted, the sports community, clubs and federations Harder ground. Ozaran explained that there is Turkey that has grown, strengthened and has a say in the world in all areas and cannot be claimed in any other way.

“The sports world is very lucky and we have a president who loves sports, especially football. Over the last few years we have taken great care of infrastructure. We have built great facilities and stadiums in terms of both technology and physics. The biggest drawback is the lack of European and World Championships based on both clubs and national teams. After this bill was enacted, our clubs and federations became a very solid foundation, These need to be achieved: success after they have become financially and financially strong.

You see, Trabzonspor has the young talent Abdulkadir, Fenerbahce has Arda, Besiktas has Lidovan, and Galatasaray has Kerem. The Anatolian team has many talented and good brothers. I think this bill will also help players to become world stars.

There is another issue that I attach great importance to in this bill. Fans who are enthusiastic about sports clubs can make all sorts of sacrifices by listening to rain and mud, paying money from their pockets, going to stands, going to clubs without knowing the distance. I’m paying. For purchases of stores and products, even one lira will be asked from your pocket, and even one lira will be accounted for. “