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The last champion of the Sultans League, the Vakıfbank star, continues to blow like a storm in the Nations League. The transfer Paola Egon of the Year and MVP Gabi were included in the national team in the second week, leaving a mark on the statistics. The performance of other stars in the Sultan League drew attention while the Italian star overtook his new teammate. On the other hand, there was a lot of talk about VNL’s 105km ego dunk and opponent’s “knockout”.

VAKIF BANK transfer

The Vakıfbank Women’s Volleyball Team has transferred Italian star player Egonu. Vakıfbank Sports Club Chairman Abdi Selder Ustunsari announces to broadcasters that 23-year-old star Egonu will play as a team, beating Imoko Volley 3-1 in the CEV Champions League following the Super Final. Did.


He quoted Guidetti as the reason behind Egonu’s decision. It will open a new page in his career at Vakıf Bank. “I didn’t decline when I received the offer from Vakufbank. The decisive factor was Giovanni Gudetti. I have a lot of respect for him. I want to work with him. He Is the right person for me to keep growing, “he said. ..

Chiaraban-like is at the top of the Nations League


The performance of foreign athletes playing at VNL in our country has been announced. Canadian setter cross Kieraban Like, who played for Turkish Airlines, took the top spot with 231 points. German athlete Anna Orthmann, who also scored 181 points in THY, followed her. K.Ajcharaporn scored 157 points in Thailand against Turkey in the quarterfinals. Ajcharaporn plays for Sarıyer Belediyespor.


The Italian setter cross joined the Italian team in the second week of VNL. Egonu put on weight in a short amount of time and made a big contribution with 128 points. The Italian star was followed by Bulgarian M. Paskova. She was transferred to Kuzeyboru and spiker scored 115 points. Gabi, who had a great season at Vakıfbank, joined the Nations League in the second week. Star Spyker, who was promoted to captain in Brazil, struggled with 109 points. Canada’s E. Maglio, who played for THY, scored 105 points.

Destruction of EGONU’s 105-kilometer duck

Egonu stands out in the numbers scored in the Nations League and almost destroys his enemies with hit dunks. Italy had a 1-0 lead in the Thai match set, but Egonu recorded a very hard smack. An Italian star who jumped quite high found 105 kilometers. Thailand’s libero Pirosi Spatra fainted at the shot and the ball hit his head. After the coup, Supattra fell to the ground. Egonu, who accidentally made his opponent “Nackvated”, experienced great sadness and went to him to apologize. The Thai star holding her head had to lean aside her.

Record at Boscovic

Egonu’s fastest dunk shot was 108.1. The fastest dunk chute on the VNL belongs to Boskovic, the setter on the other side of Eczabaşı, with a speed of 110.3km.

EBRARDA did not get over EGO

Egonu and Ebrar Karakurt, who frequently played in the Italian league last season, also competed in the Nations League statistics. Among the most successful attack setters, the Italian star took the top spot with 50.5%. China’s Gong Xiangyu followed at 48.4%, while net success pssor cross Ebrar Karakurt played at 47.2%.

Watching Italy Brazil 3-1

In the second week of the Nations League, Italy and Brazil faced each other. Italy won the match in Brazil 3-1. Egonu scored 22 points and 2 blocks in Italy. In Brazil, Nascimento Kisy was the only player to reach double digits with 12 points. Captain Gabi scored 8 points.

They ended with the same score

When the VNL group stage was completed, the United States took the top spot with 11 wins and 32 points. Brazil was followed by 29 points and Italy with the same score. Turkey, meanwhile, finished seventh in the group and won the quarter-final tickets.

Turkey could be Egonu’s competitor

Brazil played against Japan in the quarterfinals in Ankara. Italy, on the other hand, was comparable to China. If Turkey eliminates Thailand in the quarterfinals, it will face the winner of the match between Italy and China.

Play quarterfinal in Ankara

At the end of the three weeks at VNL, where 16 teams participated, the top eight teams on the scoreboard were entitled to the finals. The 2022 FIVB Volleyball Nations League Final will be held in Ankara on July 13-17, 2022. Turkey won the Dutch match and won the final ticket.

In an organization organized under the name Volleyball Nations League since 2018, Turkey was ranked 2nd in 2018, 4th in 2019 and 3rd in 2021.

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