Overview | Sivaspor-Altai Match Results: 2-1-Super League

In the 30th week of the Super League, Sivaspor hosted Izmir Team Altay in the field. Under the control of Serkan Osbalta, who has been in the spotlight for the last few weeks, Altay continues his struggle to get rid of dangerous areas. Meanwhile, Sivaspor, who is under the control of Luza Charumbay, is close to a dangerous area and wants to defeat his opponent on the field to escape from this area.

In the first half of the battle, the game was played in the middle. Both teams made a dangerous attack on the opponent’s goal and aimed at the goal, but the first 45 minutes ended with 0-0.

The guest team started the second half of the match with a goal. Martin Rodriguez scored a goal in the 54th minute and Altay led 1-0.

Sivaspor’s reaction to this goal took place in the 78th minute. Gutas hit the center sent from his right wing with his head. Kayode touched the ball toward the goal and the ball hit the net. No goals were counted after the assistant referee’s flag. After the VAR review, Kayoda’s goal was considered valid and the situation was 1-1.

90 + 1 of the match. Yatabare took the lead with Yatabare’s goal against the goalkeeper with the assistance of goalkeeper Ali Shashal Vral. 2-1.

With no other goals in the remaining minutes of the fight, Sivaspor defeated Altay 2-1 with a goal he found in overtime.

Minutes from the match

one’ The guest team, Altay, has started the match.

6 feet Siva Spor poses a danger to the opponent’s goal. In the middle of Fazil’s penalty area, Cefa’s headshot shot the ball from above.

10 minutes Sivaspor has come in effectively. Fazil’s free-kick was kicked from the right side and Ahmed Ouz, who was sent to the penalty area of ​​Sayvaspor, hit his head, but Altay’s goalkeeper Squirrel hit the ball into the corner at the last moment.

16 minutes Siva Spor is very close to the goal. In the throw-in used by Ahmet from the right, goalkeeper squirrel left the castle and hit the ball. Upon encountering a spinning ball, Gutas saw the goal shot in the sky, but could not find a round leather goal.

29 minutes Altay led Paishao 1-0, but the goal was not counted after the assistant referee raised the offside flag.

49 minutes Altay was very close to the goal. Tatiano fired a shot from a distance of about 25 meters and the ball barely passed the post.

⚽ Goal | 54’Altai advanced 1-0 against Sivaspor with Martin Rodriguez’s goal. Martin Rodriguez, who was idle diagonally to the left of the penalty area, met the ball in the Izmir team, which was effective on the pass. Chilean soccer player Pinares hit a pass from the ground and sent the ball to the net.

72 minutes Kayode of Sivaspor sent the ball to the net, but the goal was considered invalid after the assistant referee raised the flag.

⚽ Goal | In the 78th minute, Sivaspor scored again in Kayode, but was not allowed due to offside. After examining the position in the VAR, the goal was considered valid and Sivasspor tied 1-1.

⚽ Goal | 90 + 1 Yatabare’s goal advanced to 2-1 in overtime. Yatabare, who played against goalkeeper Ali Shashal Vral with a long kick, overtook the ball to squirrel and scored a goal that led the team 2-1.

90 + 4′ Altay was very close to the goal. Ahmad Yayan, who met the ball in the penalty area, shot after controlling the ball, but goalkeeper Ali Shashal Vral did not allow the goal.

Startes: New September 4th

Referee: Atilla Karaoğlan (xx), Abdullah Bora Özkara (xx), Volkan Ahmet Narinç (xx)

Demir Group Sivaspor: AliŞasal (xxx), Ahmet (x), Goutas (xx), Caner (xx), Ziya (x) (Min34Uğurxx), Sefa (x) (Min 58 Kerem xxx), Hakan (xx), Ulvestad (x) (Min) .76 Yatabare xxx), Gradel (xx), Fajr (xx) (Min.58 Konate xx), Kayode (xxx)

Altay: Lis (xx), Gabriel (xx), 0054brahim (xx), Murat (xx), Naderi (xx) (Min71Kazımcanx), Kappel (xx) (Min.86 Eren), Theaters (xx), Pinares (xxx (Min. 71 Zeki x), Rodriguez (xx) (Min. Ceyhun), Poko (xx), Paixao (xx) (Min.71 Ahmet Rayyan x)

Goal: Min.79 Kayode, Min.90 + 2 Yatabare (Demir Grup Sivasspor)-Min.54 Rodriguez (Altay)

yellow card: Fajr (Iron Grup Sivasspor)-Poko (Altay)