Overview | Inter wins the Italian Cup overtime-TRTSpor

Inter played against Juventus in the final round of the Italian Cup, played at the Rome Olympic Stadium and was watched by about 70,000 football fans. In the 80th minute of the match, Hakan Calhanor scored a penalty goal and overtime, and Intel beat the opponent 4-2 to win the eighth Giant Cup.

Intel started a huge battle that was broadcast live on TRT SPOR and advanced 1-0 with Nicolo Barella’s big goal in the 7th minute.

Towards the end of the first half, Juventus aimed for a draw goal, but Intel’s advantage entered the circuit.

Juventus entered effectively in the second half of the match. Black and white tied 1-1 with Alex Sandro’s goal in the 50th minute.

Turin led Dusan Vlahovic 2-1 in a sudden attack two minutes after Sandro’s goal.

Entering the final moment of the match, Intel scored a penalty kick in the 78th minute. Hakan Calhanor, who scored a penalty kick in the 80th minute, returned the balance to 2-2.

On the other hand, Calhanor, who started the fight in the top 11, is 90 + 1. He was replaced by Arturo Vidal in two minutes. The 90-minute regular time of the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Overtime, Inter took another penalty after the VAR review. Ivan Perisic regains interlead with a 99 minute penalty shootout: 2-3

Perisic, who returned to the stage in the 102nd minute, increased the gap to 2 with his perfect goal of 2-4.

With no goals in the second extra time, Intel defeated Juventus 4-2 to win the cup.

At the end of the match, the Interteam enthusiastically celebrated the victory of the Cup.

Inter’s 8th Italian Cup victory for Hakan Calhanor

As a result, Intel has shown the success of winning the Italian Cup for the eighth time in history.

Interteam’s national football player Hakan Calhanor played a major role in the overtime match with a penalty goal scored while the team was late. With this victory for Intel’s team, Calhanor experienced his first Italian Cup victory in Italy. There he has played since 2017.

National player Calhanor also enjoyed the Super Cup by defeating Juventus 2-1 on January 12.

Hakan Calhanor played against Juventus in the 2018 Italian Cup final and played in Milan, where Juventus won 4-0.

Juventus, sad in the final, is the team that won the Italian Cup 14 times.