“Our survey is the prayer of 85 million Turks.”

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chair Devlet Bacheli issued a statement at a group meeting of his party. In his speech, Bercheri held a polling company responsible for his party’s rapidly declining turnout. “You can learn from our rental research company.There is nothing. Thankfully, we do not deny it. Our survey is the prayer of 85 million Turks. Said.

Mentioning high living costs and high inflation, Bahçeli said, “We are also plagued by the points of inflation and the resulting high cost of living, but we can’t see enthusiastic, well-meaning people who are embarrassed to make political publicity because of rising prices.” He said. I made a statement.

Talking about the exorbitant price increase of sugar, Bahçeli said, “Our suggestion is for TürkŞeker to reset prices and phase out beet planting quotas.” Said.

MHP leaders again targeted the National Alliance through a meeting of six opposition leaders as a continuation of the speech.

‘2023’ message

The highlights of Bahçeli’s remarks are:

“Every word that permeates the river of ideas is a stone placed in front of us. Our ideas are deep-rooted and our virtues are vast. What we should do, where we reach A Turkish enthusiast who knows what to do and continues to fight malicious people in this direction. “

“MHP’s policies are not considered as licensed policies like other policies. Turkey’s fate and decision year, 2023, is also at its historic crossroads.

Response to survey results

“I would like to say once with the conviction and claim that anyone who tries to discredit MHP and show that its turnout is declining will be crushed and defeated in 2023. Perceptual manipulation helps us. There is no such thing as the fate of MHP, the fate of the country is the fate of the country. His existence is the same as the eternal existence of the Turks. There is nothing to learn from the rental research company. Thank God. Our survey is the prayer of 85 million Turks. Only the great Turkish people have a say about us. Those who go fishing in a riverless place can compete with us. you can not.”

“No one can impose an embargo on the will of our beloved country. We have nothing to learn from rental research companies. We do not deny. We bring trust to our friends, It is a nationalist idealist movement that brings fear to the enemy.


“We are all over Turkey. Last weekend, we completed a meeting that started on February 19, 2022. We told our brothers who voted for CHP what the party’s government was like. . CHP was arrested in 131 constituencies. “

Thanks to the President of MHP

“Thank you very much for your attendance. We look forward to your good news. We will not stop until June 2023. We will always strive to stay one step ahead. We will take a day off. Masu. Like everyone else. We will not fall into the trap of incendiary things. “

Russia-Ukraine War

“The pain of terrorism, the impediment of extremist ideology, the upset of failed states, the problems caused by mass and illegal immigrants are not limited to any region. In today’s world, 85 million people are refugees or hope for asylum. They have fled to Turkey due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The number has reached 65,000.

Where the gun speaks, humanity is silent. War means famine, poverty, and threat. Of course, no war winner will have no good reason and no good reason.

Regardless of the outcome, the losers of all wars are human values. It is clear how the conflict between Russia and Ukraine caused global energy and commodity prices to rise, and how the epidemic increased living costs while the epidemic wounds had not yet healed.

Almost 25 percent of the world’s food exports are monopolized by Russia. This country alone exports 44 million tonnes of wheat annually. Russia and Ukraine’s announcement that wheat exports have stopped is a precursor to a disaster. The latest statement from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations argues that disruption of agricultural activities in Russia and Ukraine, the two major exporters of basic food, could cause global hunger problems, which happened.

3 Articles Emergency call

“It is a national need for Turkey to take urgent and strategic steps under the three main headlines.

Ensuring complete and complete food safety is essential.

The sensitivity of our president, his remarks, and the steps of our ministry of agriculture soften our country. The MHP sees the agricultural sector as the cornerstone of Turkey’s struggle for existence. We will be a satisfying, nourished and self-sufficient country. We must expand the arable land and support the farmers. It is essential that the agricultural sector has a structure that can produce high quality and productive products, utilize technology, feed the people, have high export capacity and contribute to growth.

Emphasis must be placed on strengthening producer organizations, strengthening the competitiveness of agribusinesses, and developing marketing networks.

Government support provided to farmers considers the supply and demand of goods, eliminates poverty of producers, improves welfare, reduces input costs, production costs and product prices. We should support the development and production of high-yielding, high-quality seeds, seedlings, seedlings and breeding animals and end our dependence on foreign countries.

We need to establish a basic structure based on diversification of agricultural products, improvement of quality, provision of employment, and marketing as a brand.

“Sugar” reaction: “Political construction”

“The beet planting quota should be gradually increased. In fact, the problem is neither sunflower oil nor rising sugar prices. Those who said tomatoes, potatoes and eggplants yesterday are relying on new products today.

The price of sugar in kilograms has risen from 7 lira to 19 lira, and its politicization is nothing but a dirty conspiracy. Expectations for price increases and opportunists’ desire to stockpile sugar suddenly caused controversy over sugar. Currently, there is no shortage of sugar, but more. Exploiters whose religious beliefs are monetary should definitely be held accountable and detained by torn collars. People who try to stir things today depend on a variety of products. Until 2023, this dark campaign will not slow down and will continue to threaten by incorporating different dimensions and content.

These are hostile actors against Turkey. You can never see well-meaning people who have fallen into disgrace and are eager for political propaganda from price increases. Our states and nations dominate all issues. Openly warn the ringing grove. The lies and gossip you cause backfire and embarrass your ridicule.

“We are happy with the cost of life.”

“We are also plagued by the points of inflation and the resulting high cost of living, but we can’t think of well-meaning people who want to make political publicity from rising prices. Our states and governments are all It manages the problem. It is trying to undermine Turkey, disrupt the peace of society, and disrupt its peace and stability. “

Focus on “Israel contacts”

“The main objectives of our energy policy are to reduce foreign energy dependence, create safe energy sources, use domestic energy resources efficiently, and reach new energy technologies, especially the efficiency of producing nuclear power. Preventing the risks it poses. Contact with Israel and Turkey and the start of mutual improved cooperation decisions on the transportation of the country’s natural gas to Europe are drawing attention as one of them. A move to make up for Turkey’s disadvantages.

The 540 billion cubic meters of natural gas found in the Black Sea and the large reserves found in the eastern Mediterranean will strengthen our hands and energy in politics. Turkey is not a country that reaches out and appreciates everyone. “

Negotiations in Dolmabahce

“It is understood that this historic meeting begins in Dolmabahce. The fact that the ceasefire and the pursuit of peace are discussed in Istanbul gives us hope and that Turkey is a credible country with a neutral policy. Putin and Zelensky should meet in person in Istanbul. We hope the conflict will end and the status quo will be reconsidered. “

6. Fleet example

“Pro-Russians who haven’t left ashes on the barbecue in the past are today the number one player in the United States. On July 17, 1968, they attacked the American 6th Fleet anchored in Dolmabahcedoc, Istanbul. People who did. Without getting bored, without being shy, became a crew member of the fleet. Was it true yesterday? The bad guys were wrong yesterday, and today they were wrong. “

“Sometimes they are pro-Russian and sometimes pro-American, but they can’t talk about Turkey in their lives. Wherever Turkey stands, they oppose them. Biden’s No one can ignore that the recruits are imperialist puppets and traps. Here CHP is their lame political leg. “

“The Gillette alliance with Western nations in the war between Russia and Ukraine is an arrogant and outdated deviation shaped only to attract attention. When telling them to protect Turkey’s rights, they first See what they get and what they do. Lose. It is an honor to stand by the country and those on the side of the country silently. And is it an act of honor? We. Determines our policies according to what the rights of Ukraine require and acts according to what our principles say. Focus on someone’s nationality or their skin color. “

Reaction to President Biden

“What rights does Biden want to talk about both law and democracy and change the state’s regime? Biden, who targeted Turkey yesterday, today’s target is Russia. Seen from the other side of the sea. And are Turkish and Muslim children considered innocent cases? We are neither for nor against.

“On the contrary, the United States is undisturbed by the war and supports its extension. This is its strategic interest. Who catches the drifting mines is not the core mystery. Very carefully. It is imperative to be careful. ”The bloody war gave NATO a new spirit and the allegedly dead brain was rebuilt. I started working. “

Target opposition meetings

“The Gillette Union is rushing to stay behind the agenda as it holds a new meeting. The Gillette Alliance gathered around a round table in a room with Ataturk posters hung on the wall. Their number is six. Increased to +2. The number of convicts and criminals hiding under the table has increased to two. They want to be honest and expand the diameter of the round table with HDP and Quittle. I’m out .. “