“Our only goal is to be a champion”-TRTSpor


Burg issued a statement to the press prior to the training held at Floria Metin Octa Facilities as part of preparations for the new season.

A 48-year-old technician said he started working about a week ago, saying: “The first week is about to end. I did an intensive job. I planned my training based on the test results. I will continue to work as a full team on Monday with the participation of national players.” Said.

Burg said he was satisfied with the player’s performance in a short amount of time. “In the process, it is our hope that the athletes will participate in the training and be psychologically happy. Here we want to increase our energy and work together with laughter. Generally, I We are players. We also have young players. We have 16 young players. Our pace of work and “Our will is on track. This section looks at our young players. Important above. We will do our best. He took them to the camp. I am also happy with their training performance. ” He said.

The coaches of the yellow-red team emphasized that they wanted to set up a team with alternatives, and continued:

“There is a transfer agenda. This agenda has players we look for, find, like, and care about. It’s updated daily. Options come up to explore and discuss the possibilities. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Every day different things happen. There are days before us. There are transfers, but we are trying to train a transfer to the camp. Also I would like to evaluate the players who came out of the youth. Take the players to the camp and evaluate them in a friendly match. If we can train domestic and overseas transfers to the camp, we will evaluate them within the team. I’m trying to create a team with a lot of choices. I’m familiar with what was missing last year. I’m trying to strengthen it somehow. “


“I have a player I want to see at the camp”

Burg said there are actors who want to see their performance at camps held abroad.

Buruk said, emphasizing that he has not yet decided on a name to leave the team. “I have a player I want to see in the camp. I’m thinking about the composition of the team. The player has to show a performance that eliminates this. Both the training camp and the friendly match will be a measure of the player.” I used the phrase.

In reference to the fact that they have a valuable group of players, Buruk said:

“We want to use our precious players. We also want to recruit midfield players. We also need players to attack. There are players in the front zone who can contribute directly. From the loan. Returned to Yunus Akgün and Emre Akbaba. Our priority is the midfield area. Along with the rest of the world, Abdul Kerim Baldakchi and Kazimkan Karatas have joined, both of me as Turks. It’s a very good choice for us, Galatasaray. Abdul Kerim is 28 years old, but he is a soccer player who can play an active part physically and mentally for a long time. I want to be one of the key players in Galatasaray in the future. The transfer priority is midfield. There is an urgency in other areas, but I have the opportunity to wait. “

Emphasizing satisfaction with Brazilian defender Marcao, who received the transfer offer, Burg said: “Marcos is our player. He told me on the phone,” I will come and continue working. ” “I’m happy with Marcos. I want him to be on the team. I’m happy with the community and fans. He’s a player we’re happy with. Find the value he deserves for our club. If so, there is a possibility of a transfer, otherwise he will continue to play here. “ I made that evaluation.

Burg said that Mbaye Diagne, who came out of a long-term injury, worked well despite physical and condition imperfections.

“I want to replace the forward line”

Buruk also said he would like to use the forward line as an alternative.

Explaining that he was looking for a player to contribute to the team in the transfer, Burg continued his words:

“We want to replace the forward line. There are players who left last year. We want to add both young and experienced players who can directly influence the team. Only young or Experience is not our standard. We aim to be a player who can contribute to the team. “There are choices, but there will be more choices. The transfer will continue until September 7. Don’t wait until the end of this period. , I would like to form a team soon. As much as possible. But by this time, the transfer of opportunities may come our way. Again, we can take various steps. Our management will do our job. ”We are trying to create a team that fans can enjoy. They deserve it, they are happy and rush to the stand. Here, too, there are well-meaning business owners who try to do their best. It’s also my chance. “

“Our only goal is to make this team a champion.”

Burg said that 2023 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and their goal is to become a champion.

Buruk said fans are taking a positive approach with the new management and technical committee. “There is a positive atmosphere in our community. I think we will double with new players. Our only goal is to make this team a champion. Galatasaray is a team that is always in the race. But I don’t want to make my fans happy. Not only in terms of score, but also in terms of gameplay. We need to enhance the game. We also have very important rivals. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We. The team has more motivation. ” He said.

Buruk said on the question of whether he felt pressure on him, “The Galatasaray team needs to win every match. No matter who the coach is, they have to fight to win. Of course there is pressure. This is one of the good things about this job. Performance can improve. This pressure to improve performance. We know our responsibility. Everyone wants the best. “Demand for the best games and the best players. We will do our utmost to meet this demand. “ I used the phrase.