Our nation presented France with the quarter-finals – TRT Spor

As we know our national team fell into the most comfortable group in the tournament and again one of the most mediocre teams in the tournament despite lacking a key star. Lost to Georgia.

Since 2010, the Japanese national team has been showing instability in most tournaments, and unfortunately this habit has continued in this tournament.

Let’s take a look at the shortcomings in this tournament that have “explainable” excuses. To begin with, it is absolutely necessary to put our obvious flaws in the “center pivot” position. Nearly every team we’ve played with has built a game plan based on this soft stomach. Unfortunately, our national team was the worst team in the tournament in this regard.

Especially looking at the French team I met last time, unfortunately even the opposing 4-position players could easily move under the basket, not to mention the ‘size’ difference with the centre. .

Ömer Faruk Yurtseven’s sudden departure from the squad

One of the national team’s biggest trump cards before the tournament was Ömer Faruk Yurtseven in the bottom of the basket.

Despite his limited time in the NBA, our representative who joined the national team for the first time in a while and showed an amazing double-double performance, surprised the team and left less than a week after the start. There was a tournament. It was named Ercan Osmani.

Given that young center Osmani hasn’t been able to perform the way we’d hoped for throughout the tournament under the basket, it’s clear the failure isn’t a big surprise.

Shane Larkin injury

Larkin, who was injured in the match against Spain, was called to Istanbul before the game against France, and after a medical examination, it was decided that the international player will undergo surgery. Shane, one of the fastest guards in Europe and one of the sharpest shooters in the tournament .

Not getting expected contributions from outside shooters

A team’s axis is based either on underpot dominance or sharpness and high rate of outside shots. On top of that, if both dominant sides build good defensive structures, the championship will come.

In that sense, I was only good at defense. The fact that the team is made up of young players has a big impact on this. But the fact that his SertaçŞanlı, the tallest in our team, and other shorts were undershooting certain outside shooting rates is one of the main reasons for this failure.

Our Problems Playing Endgame

As for our most dramatic problem, I’m sure every basketball fan will see the final game. As in all matches without exception, our public continued this bad habit of exaggerating this time around.

Imagine a team leading by 2 by committing an unsportsmanlike foul in the last 12 seconds. After that, the game went into overtime and we lost.

ending like a joke

Cedi Osman missed two unsportsmanlike fouls in a USA game a few years ago and lost the game by two points. I said it couldn’t get any worse, but today the same scenario happened to the public again.

Our nation, who failed to score two free throws, failed to put the ball into play and NBA star Gobert punished us.

In any case, despite all the negatives, the most important feature of our national team is the ability to fight.

I was proud of the national team games that again scored 20 points in the last two periods, especially the match between Bugrahan Tanser and Furkan Kolkaz.

It is my hope that the nation will learn the lessons they need from this competition, which survived despite many adverse circumstances, and continue on their way to the medals they have been waiting for for years at future competitions.