“Our main goal is the Super Cup”-TRTSpor


Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avc interviewed for the Burgundy Blue Club Championship Special Issue.

Avcı said May 14th was a special day for him. “May 14th is a special day for me. May 14th 2005 was the day I became the U-17 European Champion and raised the trophy. May 14th 2022 won the trophy at Trabuzon Spor. It was a day. I noticed that day too .. I became a champion last month and a half. In fact, I didn’t understand what happened in the winning Antalia match. It was normalized. In both the city and the team. It was normalized. “Don’t get angry about what you couldn’t do in March,” he said, but “in April, the two festivals will be held together.” I didn’t feel the champions until the last day. I won the Antalya game, slept at night, woke up and couldn’t understand the next morning. In other words, I think it was a normal awakening. It was the result of normalization, but the moment he went out to sea, he said, “A really big thing happened.” That was something else. It was like a movie set on the sea. I could not believe it” He said.

“We asked for patience.”

Explaining that he received a message from a bank supporter in Trabzon on November 24th, Teacher’s Day, Avcı continued his words:

9 o’clock in the morning. In summary, “You taught us patience, a happy teacher’s day!” He said. This message is valuable to me. Throughout the season, we sought patience, explained why, and explained our game plans and perspectives on the game. It’s nice to see these working and responding. And I believe this championship will also erase the trauma of the past. There is something else. There is a slogan of “play upright”, which also needs to be changed. Let’s stand upright, let’s stand upright. Games are no longer like that today. A young friend who played with our youth team asked me one day: “How does my teacher do this?” They rotate the ball and rotate it again. “Our fans will react to it,” he said. I said, we asked for patience, looked and after 38 passes we said the goal was scored, we explained. They said it was A, they understood us, I said. Young friend, I said, once I got back with the ball, our teacher would immediately whistle and shout out what you were doing. why? Play vertically! why? Because fans want it that way. Fan pressure is okay, it may be a game culture, but there’s nothing like it’s left in the world. This is why Trabzonspor occasionally loses in matches against past finals. Because of the pressure, you have to play upright. “


“Start from zero”

Avcı said he would start the new season from scratch. “Yes. Again, you’re starting over. You’re starting over. Your wife told me a day ago,” What happened, all these things are gone now. I wonder? “Yes, everything has actually been removed. In addition to new mottos, new goals, and new discourse, the missing parts of the game and the aspects that need to be improved are: Whether you are a champion or not, I paid close attention to this. Group work areas, sitting areas, health rooms, and bedrooms, including restaurants, are places that require some touch at the start of the new season. You need to make the change feel that way. That’s why we’re working on everything. That’s why games have new goals, discourses, and new developments. There are innovations in nutrition, restaurants and health. And this group increases energy.” Said.

“This is a fertile land.”

“There is something we need to design about our infrastructure,” says Avcı.I discussed this with the president and management. But it has this beauty: this is a fertile land, I always say. Champion team of Ugurkan, Omur, Hussein, Selkan, Ahmejan, Trabzonspor, Finger in the first half. This is a very good number. However, our goal is to increase this number. Creating better quality, more educated and more productive situations. I touched on it a little after arriving, but I still have something to do. That’s why we work. He is up to me. There is a teacher on the bridge in the meantime. Our U-19 team is training next to my training ground. They wear the same dress as the A suit, the same T-shirt, and the same material. Sometimes I buy players from there and use them for educational purposes. The following shows how coaches of different ages are trained to prepare their football teams before the match, both in training, analysis, setball, offense and defense. He will spend 10 days a week with us, we are planning such works for this season.‘ He said.

“Our main goal is the Super Cup.”

Abdullah Abju said their main goal is the Super Cup. “There are goals that can be achieved from now on. It’s convenient to look at the whole from the part, not the whole. So far, the Super Cup final on July 30 is right in front of me. I have to take this. The next closest achievable target is the Champions League. If you want to play the playoffs, you have to stay in the group. This goal is very important to the national score, so fame, For experience and contribution to the club’s economy. Apart from that, Trabzon Spore jerseys always compete in this league. They say they will form a team according to the Champions League. No. We plan to build a better team than our current team. July-November will be four months left. Due to the World Cup, November will be half-time. The month is a very intense process .. Here, the player’s replay needs to be very accurate because the player’s recovery work needs to be done, not the match traffic. For example, expanding the medical team. The flaws in n need to be a little better quality. Trabson Spor participates in the fight wherever it can go in all three lanes. But first, the goal is what the achievable goal is. Is there? First win the Super Cup and then step into the Champions League. “ He said.