Our level is not good, I will not fool myself!


F.Bahce Technical Director Jesus made an important statement about the team before an important game. Here’s the Portuguese director’s headline: “We have a difficult match ahead of us. Our opponents are stronger than Slovak. Austria. He is a European team. Vienna is one of the best teams in Europe. Alioski has never played in an official match. Irfan and Melt in the long run They have recovered from their injuries.”

our goal is to stay in the group
“The game we are playing now is an opportunity for them to improve their physical level. I know there are risks, but I have no choice. to win European Fenerbahce not in the right place.our goal stay in the group. He has only played two games in the league. It’s been eight weeks since we started working together. So I’m fooling myself when I say I’ve reached the level I want. more over time We grow and get stronger. “

our course We have a job!
Fenerbahçe Brazilian defender Gustavo Enrique said: “We have studied our opponents and know them well. Our concentration is high, like in all matches in Europe. We have a good result. From the first moment I came here, my teammates liked me and I keep improving. I’ll continue to do my best. our teacher wanted me so much I’m happy.Working with Jorge Jesus I am very happy to have the opportunity. “ used the phrase

F. BAHÇE profits in Austria
Fenerbahce will be the guest of the Austrian Wien team in the first match of the Europa League play-off tour today. With the exception of the injured Bulma, the suspended Emre Mor will not play for the Yellow Navy team. New transfer Macedonian Arioski will wear the yellowish-dark blue jersey for the first time if the technical committee assigns him. It was reported that the recovered Meruto Hakan Yandash and Irfan Khan Kabech would also find their chances in a difficult fight. Jorge Jesus is expected to come out on the rotating roster.

last in the league Rank
SABAH Spor scrutinizes Fenerbahce’s rivals

has 24 championships
Founded in 1911, Austrian Wien is one of Austria’s oldest and most established clubs. They are second with 24 wins, behind only Rapid Wien, the most champions in Austrian football with 32 wins.


The new season got off to a bad start
After finishing third in the league and earning a Europa League visa, Austria Wien got off to a bad start to the new season. After 4 weeks in the 12-team league, they are at the bottom with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.

most valuable brownaders
your team The most valuable player is Matthias Braunöder… The central midfielder worth €3 million provides the team’s passing connection. The 20-year-old footballer played one goal and six assists last season.

CAN KELES is wearing a shirt
Kan Keres, who also plays for the Austrian U21 national team, is a Turkish player on the team.

Ragsgoal Hope
Marco Laguz, who arrived from LASK Linz for €1.3 million, stands out as the team’s most important goal candidate at the moment. The 1.92 striker is especially known for his effectiveness with air balls.

Settings 4-2-3-1 System
Schmid students, who generally prefer the 4-2-3-1 system, play the 5-3-2 system even in more difficult matches.

Average age 24
The total staff value of the team is €20 million. Vienna, Austria has many young staff, with an average age of 24.

they changed staff
Austria Wien parted ways with 15 players from last year’s squad. 25-year-old goalkeeper Patrick Penz has made a free transfer to his French side Reims.

7 injured
As of today, 7 players are injured. Handle (Center) Baltaksa (Left Back) El Sheiwi (Left Back) Holland (Midfielder) Smurkka (Midfielder) Gruber (Right Wing) and Laguz (Forward).

2% own Alaba
Bayern Munich footballer David Alaba bought 2% of his childhood club Austrian Wien two years ago.