“Our goal is a gold medal”-TRTSpor

National teams Aslıוskit and YaseminŞahin, who are preparing for the 19th Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria from June 25th to July 5th, answered the questions of AA correspondents.

Aslıðskit said he prepared hard for the organization, “The Mediterranean Games are very important to us. We want to go there and be the champion. Usually I talk less. I don’t like it, but it’s a gold medal. All my teammates have the same motivation. Our only goal is to come back as a champion. “

Emphasizing that the national team has a new formation, the 28-year-old left playmaker “can feel the difference. We have signed a very successful career foreign coach (CosticaBuceschi).” It is related to going abroad. Looking a couple of years ago, one person was playing outside. This year, there are athletes who have participated as a new transfer. Everyone felt courage. The differentiation can be seen in stages. ” He said.

“Lack of sponsors”

Aslıðskit emphasized the lack of handball sponsorship and the need to grow in communication as well.

He noted that women’s volleyball has made great strides in many ways, and the 28-year-old national player said he could achieve the same long-term success with the right steps in handball. Follow this path. I think we need to improve the media. I made that evaluation.

Aslı וskit, who will continue his career in Romania next season, said, “I played in Sweden first and Germany last. Playing in Germany was a very special feeling for me. I will look a little more professional this year. There are champions in 2 teams Romania. “They are in the league. They have moved a very important player to the league. I wanted to try the Romanian league.” Expressed his opinion.

Şahin: “Our goal is a gold medal.”

National handball player Yasemin Shahin believes he will fight in difficult groups at the Mediterranean Games, but said he would win a gold medal if he succeeded.

The 33-year-old middle playmaker expressed confidence in the new generation, saying, “Our goal is a gold medal. We hope to achieve this and return home. Group competitions are very difficult. Let’s, but we aim to come first. We aim to match diagonally with the second group of the opposing group and bring the gold medal to our country in the final. ” I made a statement.

Yasemin Shahin noted the importance of having Romanian Kostika Bucheski as head coach of the US Ladies Handball Team, and expressed his view:

“Coaches have a high level of knowledge and experience. It makes us fight more. The fact that coaches are foreigners changes the European view of us. Coaches experience and previous success. Because of this, the team pays more attention to us. The fact that some of our friends are playing in Europe makes a big contribution to us. “All athletes in our country. Are very talented, but they seem to have disappeared. Teachers’ arrival, advertising, diplomacy, and opening to Europe will catch up with this momentum at the Mediterranean Games, just as volleyball gained momentum in Turkey. . “

Yasemin Shahin said his last-play contract with Yasemin Shahin had expired, “Yasemin Shahin wasn’t the way Yasemin Shahin wanted. At least he was aiming for a trophy, but he failed. This year, I will play at Konyaaltı Belediyespor, where I hope to win all the trophies I am aiming for and be more successful. ”I used the phrase.