“Our biggest wish is to join the Super League”-TRTSpor

In the yellow-black team, general manager Ellen Mart, coach Osman Zeki Korkumaz, and soccer player Emre Can Uznhan answered AA reporter’s questions before the final.

Ellen Mart said she was happy to be in the final and hoped to win the Royal Hospital Bandil Maspol 17 years later and return to the Super League.

The match against Royal Hospital Bandırmaspor this season was fierce and both teams deserve to be in the final, Mert said.

“The finals are open to all. I hope luck is on our side. I think the details will be decisive. The team that controls the nerves, wants more and is motivated goes one step further. I think. I’ve played twice in a row in the playoffs. The atmosphere of the team is very good. “Everyone is looking forward to the finals. I hope it will be a nice and gentlemanly match. We won the award. Who. Istanbul Spor deserves this championship in its organization, the importance it gives to young people, the vision, the players and the technical committee. “

Ellen Mart emphasized that Istanbul Spor is a well-established club and has fought in the Super League for years, “I think we’ll take Istanbul Spor to the right place together.” He said.

Explaining that he has obtained a UEFA license in the last five seasons, Mart said:We are the only club in the first league to do this. I think this is fame. We are a club that can be economically extended to the quilt. I have a plan for a super league. If you participate in the Super League, you will not see any players over the age of 30 in Istanbul Spor. We continue to take young soccer players to Turkish sports. Istanbul Spor will continue to be dynamic in attracting young players in Turkish football. “ I used the phrase.

Korkmaz: “Our biggest wish is to join the Super League.”

Istanbul Spor coach Ottoman Zeki Korkmatsu said their biggest goal is to compete in the Super League next season.

Korkmatsu explains that the team just after taking office created a fun football culture“This football culture would have taken us to the top two super leagues with a little tweaking. Other teams came out of the top two but were considered a gaming culture. If Bandırmaspor and Istanbulspor have been promoted to the Super League. These two teams will be in the finals. If you have a big dream, you have to risk a big disappointment. We have a big dream. Look, everything is ready, but our biggest wish is to join the next Super League season.‘ He said.

Emphasizing equal chances in the finals, Ottoman Zeki Korkmatsu said: “I think the game culture we created outperforms this league. We reflect this in the field of many games. The chances of a playoff final are always 50-50%. Reflecting that tactical strategy. All the elements of the team are more ambitious, have a chance to play soccer and can get the job done. “ I made that evaluation.

Korkmaz believes Istanbul Spor is one of the largest city teams in the world.“But it’s the most lonely city team. It’s a team that takes that color from the struggle of our country. It can’t be a big motivation for us. Perhaps there are no fans on the stand. Maybe, but there are a lot of volunteers all over Turkey.‘ He said.

Korkmatsu criticized the large number of Istanbul teams in the Super League.In general, we are a country of 80 million people. 20 million of them live in Istanbul. People working in the Istanbul media say they don’t want the Istanbul team. This is a contradiction in people’s lives. I was born in Trabzon in 1982 and moved to Istanbul in 1989. The locomotive of the Turkish economy is Istanbul. If you remove the teams in London and Manchester and their surroundings in the Premier League, the league will disappear. I think it’s hilarious for people who claim to know football to say this on the screen. If there are just as many teams from London, there could be more teams from Istanbul. “ I made a statement.

Uzunhan: “I think I can win a trophy.”

Emrekan Uzunhan, one of Istanbul’s defending players, said they were very focused on the finals and believed they would get a Super League ticket.

Emrecan Uzunha explains that both they and the Royal Hospital Bandırmaspor are playing good football.n said, “Both teams are in their current positions and deserve to be out of the top two. This will be a fun final. Everyone is aware of the importance of the match and is very ambitious. Nothing else is said. I believe. We take all our concentration, do what we need and win trophies.‘ He said.

Recalling that he came to Istanbul Spor’s infrastructure when the team was in the TFF 3rd League, Emre Can Uznhan said, “I saw the championship in the TFF 3rd League and the TFF 2nd League. I had a playoff experience in the professional season. I made it to the finals in this season’s playoffs. “I am a player to play. I am proud of this. I will bring this club to the right place in the Super League. I expressed my opinion.

Emre Can Uzunhan stated that he was aiming to play soccer in Europe, concluding his words:

“I think our generation’s vision is advancing. I want to play football in Europe instead of the Super League. I want to go to Europe as soon as possible and represent the country well. When Zeki Cherik went , I was in the infrastructure. Lille. I hope I’m here too. “” I will be the second player to go to Europe. I also have a dream for the national team. First Ümit representative I hope I have the opportunity to play in a team and then play in. National Team. “