Ottoman Cherik wants the 4th Championship-TRT Spor

There is a positive atmosphere among Samsunspor players who are struggling to play off in the Spor Toto 1st League. Red and white soccer players Osman Calek and Morike Fofana, who defeated BB Erzurum Spor on the street in the previous match, issued a statement before today’s training.

“I have three championships. I want to live fourth in Samsunspor.”

Ottoman Cherik recalled the joy of becoming a champion three times ago, saying, “Ottoman Cherik said:We started the season with the motto of becoming a champion. There were ups and downs. We are now on the final straight. After this time, there is no room for error. From now on, I want to come to where I want to go and get the championship I am aiming for from there. For me, there is no distinction between the regions I play. As long as I’m in the field, I’ll do my best in the assigned location. It is not distinguished from light back, front libero, and center back. I want to do my best to contribute to the team. While playing in Antalyaspor, we played the playoff final against Samsunspor in the Super League. In the finals in Istanbul, Samsunspor fans filled the entire tribune reserved for them, creating an impressive atmosphere. I don’t know if it’s a twist of fate, but Antalyaspor has become the champion. My destiny is now meeting Samsunspor. I want to win here as well. I already have three championships in my career. I would like to experience the fourth championship here and introduce it to Samsunspor’s fans and community. “ Said.

“Some matches bring fans, Bandırmaspor matches are such matches.”

Zeki Tek has stated that he did not feel enough support from his fans this season., “Our teacher Fat Chapa said he praised me at the meeting.” I first write the names of the top 11 Ottoman, then the other 10 soccer players. “. All players here are valuable. It’s nice to hear such good things, but all our soccer players are valuable. We have a tough Bandırmaspor match over the weekend. Before coming this year, I was hoping that Samsunspor fans would fill the stadium more. Only the atmosphere of the Ankaraguju game was good. When we went to warm up in the Ankaraguju match, we felt we would win the match. There are several matches and the fans win. The Bandırmaspor match is such a match. I would like all the fans to fill the stadium and support us. “ He said.

Fofana: Going to the Super League with the support of fans

Wesley striker Molike Fofana emphasized his belief in playing in the Super League, saying: Our fans expect us to do great things, but they can fail. It’s normal for fans to be happy when we play well and to get angry when we play poorly. They are in football. We want to do our best in every game we play. Hopefully we’ll get what we want at the end of the season. What you do as a team, not as an individual, is important. Our teammates are also trying to help me in the field. I have experienced very difficult times in the last few weeks. We are back from Erzurum with a very important victory. Now you have a Bandırmaspor match. I want to go to the Super League, but my first goal is to win the Bandil Maspol game. We are waiting for fans in this process. I will participate in the Super League with the support of my fans. ” He said.

Ottoman Cherik was in the top 11 this season, scoring one goal in all 25 games. Moryke ​​Fofana scored 7 goals and 5 assists in 24 games, directly affecting 12 goals.