Osman Zeki Korkmaz: Breaking the game-TRT Spor

From playoffs to the Super League, Ottoman Zeki Korkmatz, who carried Istanbul Spor in the Sport 1st League, made a special statement to DHA.

Ottoman Zeki Korkmatsu, who signed a three-year contract with Istanbul Spor before the new season, said he would reinforce five or six without breaking the team’s skeleton too much. “There won’t be a slight change,” said a 40-year-old technician. “We’re on the road with reinforcements to raise team players someday.” Said.

“When we first took office, we said we were going to get out of the playoffs.”

Ottoman Zeki Korkmatz said he believed he would play in the Super League from the playoffs from the moment he took office.

“For a while, I’ve reached an ambitious position in the top two. The psychology of winning one after another made us a little tired. I told him to a friend of a soccer player. From the top two As I said to soccer players and management, I’m responsible for myself. I should have managed better. Whenever we first took office and when the team gained momentum What came to my mind was to get out of the playoffs. I was persuading the players with my teammates. The psychology of victory had bad results for a while. But after reaching the playoffs, “We It gave me all the motivation. The results I got in the league at the time didn’t reflect my performance as I was preparing for the playoff match. In fact, I passed the two-legged Ellsrumspor match. Later, the players are a team that we have a habit of hitting no matter who our opponents are. It was a very good final. It was different from the light final. The final was more in terms of position and play. It would have been malicious. I think the audience had a lot of fun. I’m very happy with the results. ”

“If you spend a lot of money, get too crowded, and look too strong, it’s not closely related to the results.”

Korkmaz said they were suffering from a much stronger budget than themselves and were promoted to the Super League. “Soccer is such a game. Spending a lot of money, being very crowded and looking strong is not closely related to the results. Soccer is right with proper setup, rational education management, and right. Team. You can get useful results.” Said.

“We will create 5 or 6 reinforcements, raise team players to some points and continue to move forward.”

Korkmatsu “Our goal is to lift the player without breaking the team’s skeleton too much. We can make 5, 6 and 7 reinforcements, “he said. Strengthen some points to nurture team players and keep moving forward. We do not deviate from economic policy. In fact, we are about to step back into the ground. Gentilel Birrigi previously made a similar model in the Super League. There are many counterparts in Europe. Similarly, with reasonable economic policies and the selection of the right staff, you can watch good football. We are ambitious about it. Let’s see where this beautiful football takes us in the Super League. “ I used the phrase.

“Our dreams are at the highest level, and that’s no doubt.”

Ottoman Zeki Korkmatz emphasized that they wanted Istanbul Spor to be viable in the Super League, saying:When we first came here, it was enough to finish the league in a comfortable place. I took that scene to the next level. Now our dreams are at the highest level, and that’s no doubt. But realistically, you have to stay in the league. According to the Super League, our economy will recover, we need it to work. Once you’ve found the right cast, you can set more detailed goals in the process. First of all, we need to make Istanbul Spor live in the Super League and turn ourselves around.‘ He said.

“Istanbulspor is everyone’s second team”

Finally, Korkmaz, who invited all football fans to the match, concludes:

“Istanbulspor is everyone’s second team. More enthusiastic fans. We invite everyone who loves watching football in Istanbul to the match because we are producing really good football. It’s another pleasure for the people of Istanbul, and all football fans to follow. At the stadium. ”