Orhan Turan becomes new president of TUSIAD-Last Minute Economic News

The Turkish Industrialist and Businessmen Association (TÜS0054AD) has elected a new president.

Today, the 52nd General Assembly of TÜS0054 AD was held.Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Business Federation (TÜRKONFED) and members of TÜS0054AD in a vote at the General Assembly Orhan Turan, New Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜS0054 AD Was chosen as.

Turan said he has worked diligently with the members of the TÜS0054 AD Board of Directors, is proud to be a member for 18 years, and has served on the Board of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board. Simone Kaslowski I thank the members of the board of directors.

“TUSIAD will continue to play a leading role in the business world.”

Orhan Turan states that the world is undergoing a transformation that tests all memories, and that geopolitical tensions, economic crises and natural disasters are facing a completely and daily-changing human landscape. rice field.

Change is experienced around the world at every moment, at every level, emphasizing that individuals, institutions and societies develop strategies to respond to constant change with constant change, Turan said: Continued the words.

“For half a century, TÜS0054 AD has successfully fulfilled its mission to understand world and national issues and broaden the thinking horizons of our business world. TÜS0054 AD leads as an overall and comprehensive leader. There is no doubt that it will continue to play a role. The role of the business world in building a future where stereotypes are not widespread and prejudice does not limit us. “

“We continue to emphasize the importance of the rule of law.”

Orhan Turan said at a conference in Anatolia that he would be aware of business trends and made the following assessments:

“We will continue to work together to create solutions to improve productivity, employment and investment conditions and overcome obstacles to sustainable growth and development. Strong legal states and strong democracy It is the foundation of a just, prosperous and happy life in society. We continue to emphasize freedom and the vital importance of freedom for Turkey.

We will continue to represent Turkey’s business world with a global platform with TÜS0054AD’s strong international network in this process of rebalance in the field of international affairs. “

Keeping in mind that Turkey’s EU integration process, as well as all working periods, will be renewed with this new global equation, Turan noted that it emphasizes green and digital transformation.

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“We follow the national goals of an equivalent environment.”

As we approach the second century of the Republic, we pursue the goal of economically developing, internationally respected, socially egalitarian and environmentalist nations, especially the status of women. We will continue to firmly emphasize gender equality as a priority issue. “

Turan added that Ataturk continues to be an advocate of the values ​​of the republic, inherited by his unique vision and realized by understanding the state of modern secular, democratic and social law.

Who is TUSIAD President ORHAN TURAN?

Orhan Turan, Chairman of ODE Yalıtım, graduated from the Yıldız Technical University-Mechanical Engineering Department in 1981.

Ohan Turan, who holds an MBA from Marmara University, placed great importance on participating in non-governmental organizations throughout the life of the business.

He played an active role in the establishment of the Heat, Sound and Fire Insulators Association (0054ZODER). Turan, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors of 0054ZODER from 1997 to 1999, was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Construction Materials Businessmen (0054MSAD) for two terms from 2007 to 2011.

He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜS0054AD from 2017 to 2019, and continues to be Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Corporate Governance Association (TKYD). Board of directors of TÜRKONFED.

Turan has been an active non-governmental organization for 26 years and has completed graduate programs at Sabancı University, Koc University, Marmara University and Yuls Institute of Technology. Turan, who is married and has children, is good at English.