ORFAMDER: IMM caused the spread of the disease


A statement from the Forestry Faculty Association (ORFAMDER) stated that 0054BB’s slaughter of plane trees on Ciragan Street “implemented a practice that destroys Istanbul’s brand value because it had previously removed its vertical gardens. Today, it is historic. By cutting down trees. ”According to a statement, the aforementioned pathogen (Ceratocystis platani) attached to the historic trees of Istanbul first spread in Marseille in 1945 and is now Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Iran, Albania and Greece. And it contains the following statement: Deaths from observation, reporting, protection and maintenance work include hard ground pressure on walkways, very narrow wooden bowls, road maintenance chemicals on trees, the negative effects of salting roads, wind and snow pressures that threaten people’s health. .. ORFAMDER emphasized that the danger continues to spread, saying that the disease has spread 25% in Dolmabahce, Gülhane Park, Emilgan Woods and Yuls Park.

The reaction is great

Responses continue to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which is logging the 112th century plane trees on Ciragan Road in the Besiktas district without continuing treatment. Former Deputy Mayor of Besiktas, Ceral Akgun, said, “Cut down these trees is a historic slaughter, not a tree slaughter. These people take into account the history of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. I don’t think I’m paying respect. ” The reaction to IBB is as follows:

They have an Ottoman account

Former Besiktas City Deputy Mayor and Parliamentarian Celal Akgün: “In Turkish history, airplanes mean strong, long-lived and high. The airplane tree is eternal with its greatness. It has a lifespan of a thousand years. Airplane trees are long-lasting trees that connect the past and future of the Ottoman Empire. They are said to have been planted during the reign of Abdul Hamit. Cutting these trees is more of a historical slaughter than a tree slaughter. Another example of ignorance, the one who asked who first decided this. These Platanas of historical value can be taken care of in the field. These people are the history of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. I don’t think I’m paying homage to him because he was in Dormabase from Alterkoy in 2002 at the same place, consisting of 107 photographs from childhood to death of Ataturk by Mr. Yusuf Namoul. A wall exhibition was held. The remaining number remained and half disappeared. They are also people with problems with Taturk. “


“Where is the tree lover?”

Ertugrul Berki: Where are nature lovers, tree lovers, Istanbul lovers, city council?

Shuayip Dogan: “What will Besiktas be in our childhood? The fact that the plane trees I walk in today’s shadows have been the victims of profit, promotion and incompetence explain some sentences stuck in my throat. It makes me sad to do it. “

Ahmet Albairak: “Our ancestors planted sycamores of the Ottoman Empire on the left and right to decorate this road 200 years ago. This is preserved to this day. Unfortunately, today’s IMM admins are in our history. And 112 plane trees were cut down and destroyed. Their idea is to open a billboard area on this road? We suggest that they plant them in place of the felled trees. increase.

Treatments on monumental trees during the AK party

During the AK Party, the trees were regularly maintained in a technical way.
No asphalt and concrete coating on the root spreads.
Surround with wooden or iron railings.

Treat existing wound surfaces with chemical preservatives.
Clean the hollow wood and the rotten parts of the hollow wood with healthy wood, cover it with a protective compound, fill the hollow part of the wood with gravel, and paint the outer part with concrete.

We perform regular maintenance every year and prun the branches to prevent accidents.
In the treatment of wood wounds, the oval shape given to the wound and the procedures performed can quickly close the scar tissue supplied by the cambium.

As a precaution against V-shaped cracks in the trunk of a tree, the trunk or branches should be tied with a metal belt of steel or the danger of tearing with a steel rope stretched between the branches should be prevented.

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