Opposition to meals

There was a pointless debate about President Erdogan’s bedtime treat, which consists of buffalo yogurt, medina date palms, oatmeal, and honey.

Opposition criticizes the president for the cost of the recipe.

He calculates the cost of this meal and says, “How can people eat it?”

As if it affects the voters of the president.

Also, the calculation is incorrect.

Erdogan ate 200 grams of buffalo yogurt every night.

I also like buffalo yogurt.

I usually ferment myself at home.

I buy buffalo milk from the late Kadir Topbaş Sarai Muhalebitisi of the AK Party.

3 liters is 68TL.

3 liters of yogurt can weigh up to 1.5 kilograms.

Its weight is 45TL.

200 grams is 9TL.

If you need it in a hurry, get it from Buffa. He made a great buffalo yogurt. But then I give 50TL to a 400g jar.

200 grams is 25 TL.

Medina dates are not cheap. Its weight is close to 300TL in Maratiya Pazari.

For some brands, it reaches 400TL.

Five of them are 50TL.

Honey is mixed.

There are 80TL and 400TL of honey per kilogram. If you say Anzer Honey, money isn’t enough anyway.

Say honey is also the most expensive.

Spoons either cost 5TL or not.

In the case of oats, if you buy imported oats, Eti costs 30 TL per kilogram.

The spoon is 1TL.

In other words, if you collect the most expensive sleeping meals, it doesn’t cost 75-80TL.

Will Yahoo, a voter who doesn’t listen to the fact that a regular car crosses the bridge at 200 TL, get angry with the huge president’s 80 TL meal?

On the contrary, he says, “Enjoy your Bonapetti.”

All I can say is that it is true.

That’s why my advice to opponents is not to deal with these emptiness, but to deal with more complex issues.

For example, we can talk about the claim that YÖK does not want equality from doctors who come from abroad and work in Turkey, and that these people are appointed with a work permit. I succeeded in the Turkish test.

Or you might talk about what the citizens can’t eat, not what the president ate.

Wasted effort.

In my opinion, the only criticism of the president’s evening meal is that it contradicts the doctor’s recommendations.

All the doctors told me not to eat anything before going to bed at night, but the president’s honey and date palm meals confused me.

I think the real problem is not the price, but the damage.

Currently, the exemption is being offered to contractors who work day and night with 86 million people.

The immunity of legislative members has been lifted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which is preparing to impose immunity on businesses, especially contractors.

New legislation will try to prevent newspapers and journalists from publishing negative news about the company.

I’m not kidding.

This is the actual situation.

Anyone who publishes news that could damage a company’s reputation will be subject to heavy fines and imprisonment.

Of course, there are also “excuse”.

A person who makes “false news”.

It’s a vague concept.

In an opaque country like Turkey, it’s not easy to distinguish between true and false news.

How do you distinguish between true and fake news, especially for companies that work with the masses?


How do you reveal a gentle shame, an exorbitant deal?

The truth of the news can be revealed months and even years later.

First you are rejected, over time, you find that you are actually correct, you wrote correctly.

So what will happen!

In addition, there are penalties today if the news is lies, forgery, or defamation.

No new settings are required.

This arrangement is entirely at the pinnacle of public-private partnerships.

It is clear that what was brought up for “threat purposes” to protect who.

The president of the Meat and Dairy Institute, who said yesterday here that “they are making fun of us,” was dismissed yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Ete said the price was raised because there was a line in front of the company’s dealership.

The reason was the queue, not the cost increase.

After this shame, he should have been fired that day, but he was still stuck for a while.

It’s finally gone yesterday.

But the person who fired him should know that it is not his dismissal that concerns us as citizens.

It is not our problem for you to dismiss someone and appoint another similarly unqualified person to that position.

We are wondering this.

When you fire him, do you want to regain the raises he made and reduce the cue?

Or do you think you’re always trying to mitigate the backlash by giving someone a raise and then dismissing them?

Today, tobacco and alcoholic beverages are on the rise again.

Who will you fire tomorrow?

Something interesting has happened in the last few days.

Whenever I take a taxi, regardless of whether the taxi driver is aware of me, he brings the problem to 0054BB President Ekrem STRUCTmamoğlu without asking and begins to criticize 0054mamoğlu.

I was surprised that it happened in 3 out of 5 taxis that I took three times a week.

The first taxi drivers were how bad Ekrem Imamoul was during the snowfall, the taxi didn’t work, the citizens were miserable, they voted but regretted the vote, and the AK Party. Explained that did a much better local government job.

He was pretty angry.

The problem with the second taxi driver was paving work.

The road was narrow, construction was not completed, and traffic conditions were very poor. Imamogur was sending money to a subcontractor in this way. The taxi driver said he was a CHP voter in his family, but he said he would not vote for CHP again for Imamoul.

I listened to him without saying a word.

The taxi driver I got on yesterday was very angry.

As soon as I sat down, he cursed the municipality.

An accident at the entrance of Mim Kemal Oke Street hit the bottom of the car. He was angry with the city council. The city council bumped into it without even a warning sign.

He was right, I was rubbing the bottom of the car from time to time in the accident.

“Imamogur is responsible for this. He’s bumping everywhere. It’s like an animal,” he said in a Black Sea accent.

I couldn’t resist, “the bump was there for years. It existed before Imamogur.”

He insisted, “No, brother, the road I have passed every day for years.”

“If you pass by every day, you should know. Then you said,” Didn’t you notice that there was no sign? “

“I’m distracted, brother,” he said.

I laughed and stopped.

Just then, jumping on the cash register at the end of the same street, the driver swore again that “the shock absorbers are gone.”

Kadir Topbash praised his municipality for 10 minutes and cursed Imamoul.

Again, I couldn’t stand it, I said, “The AK Party has also resigned Kadir Abi.”

“And the groom burned the demon,” he said.

“If your son-in-law commits a murder, will they put you in jail?” I asked.

I paid to get off the taxi.

It was as if the button was pressed from somewhere and the taxi was instructed.

It was unusual to take a taxi five times and encounter this situation three times in a few days.

But the last taxi driver was right about the bump.

When we do not complain that politics for fools offends wise men.