Opportunists have waited: Behind the scenes of sunflower oil speculation is here!

Yeni Shafak writer Hasan Ozturk agreed on March 4 for those who don’t want to sell their products in an article titled “Sunflower Oil Insufficiency” on a day with no export restrictions and zero import taxes. Emphasized that was done. Towards the domestic market to sell more expensive sunflower oil abroad, he said, due to recent sunflower speculation, some circles are selling sunflower oil inventories at “high prices”. Stated.

In today’s column, Hasan Öztürk writes about “sunflower oil opportunists” and Turkey’s role in the Russo-Ukrainian war:

Isn’t the fictional game with some “yellow trash cans” in Turkey created by a circle that “opposes” the arrangement sandwiched between the lines?

Previously overlooked news: Sunflower oil export restrictions have been enforced

A presidential directive published in the official bulletin dated March 4, 2022 expanded the scope of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s authority to regularly arrange the export of 20 agricultural products in January. Export restrictions on sunflower seeds, oil and corn have also been added to the list.

In other words, two days before the news that “sunflower oil is out of stock”, “export of sunflower oil and seeds” was restricted.

Let’s keep the news …

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which received 20 product approvals again in February, also restricted exports of olive oil, beans and red lentils as of Friday.

“Export restrictions” to meet domestic demand

In this way, the fight against the exorbitant prices of shelves aimed to secure a balance between supply and demand in the domestic market through “export restrictions”.

But that didn’t happen ..!

why is that?

Both our exporters and retailers continue to calculate 35 million revenues instead of 3p!

Ministry; It also imposes restrictions on the export of rice, wheat, corn flour, corn semolina, wheat semolina, ashura wheat, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, and corn. But while the supply boom is expected, the opposite happens.

When the zero customs period began with the import of sunflower seeds and oil …

Meanwhile, on the same day, March 4, 2022, the import system decision was changed, and tariffs on products such as sunflower, corn, rapeseed, and palm oil were reduced to zero until June 30, 2022.

It was also very convenient for those who wish to import to meet the demand of the domestic market. The state has exempted those who had that share from “tariffs”.

What do you expect at the end of all this?

Of course, there are abundant and cheap products that have restricted exports in the domestic market and have zero tariffs on imported goods. is not it?

No, was it the other way around?

It was even worse. It is as if the sunflower oil is out of stock.

The retail market distributed cheap sunflower oil as a promotional item at the opening and had stampede. He hugged the ten oil drums in trouble and crushed them in turn.

Based on this image, I created a paper entitled “Sunflower oil is out of stock”.

From the beginning, I want to limit the export of basic agricultural products …

Those who follow this column will remember.

“A quota is required for basic food exports. I wrote an article titled” … “on February 1st.

For the same reason as the above-mentioned decree, I have long stated that export restrictions on basic foods and agricultural products are necessary. The following sentence summarizes the main ideas of the article:

“People who export all agricultural products to overseas markets raise the domestic price of the same products, albeit indirectly” (during the summer: https: //www.yenisafak.com/yaza …)

“Sold out at 220TL, he doesn’t want to pay internally at 180TL”

Last week I had a long conversation with a friend who runs a grocery store. As part of that interview, he wrote the following sentence: “Akhisarspor also has an olive oil factory. I also have a nephew. My nephew does not want to give us olive oil. Because we sell olive oil for 180TL to the domestic market to 220TL overseas. That’s why he always wants to sell abroad. “

That is the point!

*** ***

The government has made arrangements for people who do not want to sell their goods to the domestic market in order to sell them abroad at a higher price. At the same time, we encouraged those who wish to import from overseas by eliminating tariffs.

Knowing that after this regulation, there will be an oversupply in the domestic market, some circles sell and sell their sunflower oil inventories at “high prices”.

This is the situation from my point of view in the discussion that began “after the yellow drum footage was scrambled”.

Am i right?

Turkey’s role in the Russian-Ukraine war

“Ukrainian foreign fighters”, “Kyiv is ready for urban war”, “America has given Ukrainians temporary protection status for 18 months”, “In the case of Zelensky’s murder” If you look at news such as “America’s plan is ready”, you can predict where the war between Russia and Ukraine will progress. Because we know what happened in Syria next to the south and haven’t forgotten.

In such an atmosphere, we want whatever the interests of Turkey and the Turkish people need. We also find that Turkey is one of the rare countries where we can talk to both Russia and Ukraine. In this regard, we are following the extraordinary efforts of Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshoul in parallel with the talks between President Erdogan and President Putin and President Zelensky. I think it is very important for him to take his Russian and Ukrainian counterparts Viklov and Kleba to the same table in Antalya.

By the way, in an interview with Hulliette, I read that Foreign Minister Yavuz Sultan Curran made an extraordinary effort in Turkey to evacuate Ukrainian citizens. We are proud of our country.

You hear it too.

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