“Olympic Mothers” and athletes meet-TRTSpor

A promotional event for the “Olympic Mothers” project was held at the Ciragan Palace in Besiktas with a professor from the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK). Dr. Uğur Erdener and Chairman of P & G Turkey, Caucasus, Central Asia Tankut Turnaoğlu.

TOC President Uğur Erdener thanked Tankut Turnaoğlu for his meaningful support for the sport and celebrated the company’s 35th anniversary in Turkey: “We are delighted that P & G is also included in the history of the Olympic Games. It’s one of the main sponsors. “” Said.

Ardener said the project has been in operation since 2014: “This is a project that includes not only athletes, but the strong support behind them, and guides them to a very focused path. All athletes. Behind the scenes, the family has mother’s support. Mother’s support is all about him. The new project will support 35 athletes in the Olympics with P & G. These 35 very We believe that 35 of the athletes of value will win the Olympic quota. We represent our country in Paris. We strive to support other athletes through various channels. We are also very pleased to be able to actively support 114 players. ”I used the phrase.

Turnaoğlu: “The pictures here are amazing”

Keeping in mind that we have finished the 8th anniversary of our partnership with TOC, P & G Turkey, the Caucasus and President of Central Asia, Tankut Turnaol, “The pictures here are amazing. In fact, we started celebrating the 35th anniversary today. Our 35th anniversary communication concept is the slogan “Love opens all doors”. The love of the main hero’s mother and mother. I translated this into the language of communication. ” Said.

He emphasized that they are positively improving the lives of millions of citizens and contributing to Turkey’s tenderness movement in social contribution projects, saying:

“We have been working on social contribution projects for many years. This is such a project. We started with Uğur Erdener and said,” Mother of the Olympics. ” Athletes cannot come here without their mother. I especially wanted to emphasize the importance of my mother. There is the 2024 Paris Olympics. We support 35 athletes and their mothers. We also want mothers here to inspire mothers who are unable to exercise their children on a regular basis. Mothers are very valuable to us and would like to emphasize them. The mother is the mother of the Olympics. It is very promising that children will be able to play sports. We want mothers to introduce sports to children aged 4-5 years. “

Athletes from all over the country went on stage with their mother

The Olympic athletes and their mothers invited to the stage of the event shared their views.

National boxer Buse Naz Çakıroğlu pointed out that she has a very long journey. This journey requires a lot of dedication and attention. It gives us a great inspiration. They live this moment with us in this difficult process. We don’t always laugh. , They experience the same stress as us. ” He said.

Mother Duygu Çakıroğlu also said, “Like all the mothers here, I am very proud of my child’s achievements. It makes me even happier to see her dreams come true. All mothers I feel the same as I do. “

The contemporary pentathlete Ilke Aujuxel and his mother Glucan Aujuxel, who were invited to the stage, shared their feelings. Ilke Aujuxel said he needed moral support in a difficult process, saying, “Whenever I’m in trouble, my mother is the first to call me, and she always finds a solution. “. He said.

After the speech, the athlete and his mother were given a certificate and a group photo was taken.

Supported athletes

The supported players and their branches within the scope of the project are:

Shooting: Omer Akgun.

Athletics: Berke Akçam, ErsuŞaşma, Meryem Bekmez, Necati Er, Pınar Akyol, Salih Korkmaz.

Badminton: Aliye Demirbağ and Neslihan Yiğit.

Ahmet Oken on a motorcycle.

Boxing: Buse Naz Çakıroğlu, Esra Yıldız, Hatiche Akbaş.

Ice skating: Furukan Akar.

Gymnastics: Nazzle Subrambashi.

Fencing: Enver Yıldırım and Nisanur Erbil.

Golf: You can play Marco Ozdemir.

Wrestling: Evin Demilhan, Kerem Kamal, Yasemin Adar, Zeynep Jegil.

Judo: Bilal Cilolu and Mihraç Akkus.

Canoe: Hilal Avcı.

Table tennis: Özge Yılmaz.

Modern pentathlon: Buğra Ünal and וlke Özyüksel.

Taekwondo: Emre Kutalmış Ateşli, Hakan Reçber, Hatiche Kübra וlgün.

Triathlon: Gültigin Er.

Sailing: Dilala Uralup and Ejem Güzel.

Swimming: Berkay Ömer teaches.

P & G supported 34 athletes in the last Olympic Mothers project, 29 of which were eligible to represent Turkey at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, and eight after a successful podium. I returned to Japan with a medal.