Okan Buruk’s Interpretation of Midtsjo – TRT Spor


Okan Burg made a statement to reporters after the preparatory match between Austria’s yellow-red team and Italy’s Fiorentina for the second phase of his overseas camp activities.

Burg said he beat Fiorentina 2-1 in a friendly on the last day of camp. Defending and putting pressure on. What we thought a week before the league started.”I’m happy to continue playing the same game. We will continue to develop the same game..We will improve the game even more.” I’m happy with the performance of the players. Although the ground and the atmosphere in the stadium weren’t great, they gave 100 percent, he said.

Assessing AZ Alkmaar midfielder Fredrik Mitujo, who has come to Istanbul as negotiations have begun, Burg said: “He’s a great professional. It’s important for him to play 42 games. I think he supports us in ball games and when we don’t have the ball. “We picked a good player. We are the team we play in. He is a player.” We want to move to all regions.We want to make the team the strongest.It will be a difficult season.This year, just like last year, both the players and the management team are working hard.We will do our best to fight for the championship, I would like to be a strong team that can demonstrate its strength.” I used the phrase.

“It’s very important to get the league off to a good start.”

The yellow-red team manager said he was mentally and physically ready for the Super League.


Burg said he could sign players other than Mitsujo until the away game against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor on Sunday 7 August.

“We showed that we are ready for the league, physically and focused. There was a team “League match. This is very valuable for us. It is very important to start the league well. We will play against Antalyaspor, a good team. “Mentally and physically Coming into the league, there will be a new player in the squad, it looks like we have one more player to play against Antalyaspor, but maybe we can get one more player, the bigger the team, the better for us. It will be”

Regarding the contribution of new signing Haris Seferovic, Okan Buruk said: “Harris’ defense in this game was very important for us, in addition to his two assists. The two-way welcome with (Vulture) was correct, adding: “He’s doing well, especially when he gets players early. He’s been replaced early to avoid injury.”

Regarding the situation of Leo Dubois, who withdrew from the match against Fiorentina due to muscle pain in his right back, Burg said: “The MR will be on Tuesday. The player did not work with us. He I wasn’t prepared,” he said. “I started the game thinking I was ready. “I hope he gets better soon. I have fulfilled my duty on behalf of Mr.

Galatasaray Technical Director said they are waiting for the day they show up in front of the full stands at Neff Stadium, stating: “When we came to Istanbul for the first signings, we experienced excitement and positivity. Continues: “I try to approach the fans with the same joy and excitement. These teams live for their fans. We need to get closer to them. The packed stands in stadiums as soon as possible.” I hope to see my fans in front of the… It excites me even more.” He concluded his speech.