Okan Buruk’s commentary on Yunus Akgun-TRT Spor

A young soccer player who had a good season on behalf of Adana and returned to the yellow-red team made a statement on GSTV in a program presented by SerbayŞenkal.

Yunus recalled that coach Okan Buruk grew up from Galatasaray’s infrastructure, saying, “Teacher Okan is the one who understands me best. It’s a great opportunity for me. Same way. Together. I hope to win the championship. My friends at Bashakshehir have always said “a very special teacher”. He was saying. “I used the phrase.

“I dream of becoming a captain at Galatasaray, and I’m sure it will happen after many years of playing,” said the 21-year-old midfielder, who told him he came to Galatasaray in 2007. He said.

Yunus Akgun said he had a good season with Adana. “It was a dream season for me. I experienced that in the first season. I’m very proud. My childhood dream was to go to the A national team, but it’s important to be permanent. There is. “I made a statement.

“I can’t go now”

The yellow-red football player said he couldn’t move abroad without contributing to the club he grew up in.

Yunus said that in order to succeed, it is necessary to create a family atmosphere and the players need to accept the team. I can go I made that evaluation.

Regarding the loan to Adana Demirspor, Yunus Akgun said, “When I was in Galatasaray, the player in front of me was very good. The team was in the championship, so I couldn’t find the chance I needed. I talked to my coach. I decided to take out a loan. “

Regarding the difference between a match and training, a young soccer player said, “It’s very different to play a match. You can’t do it with training, you can’t get in shape. Young people absolutely have to go.” Where they play, I’m a good example of this. I played and was promoted to the national team in a year. I used the phrase.

“Kelem on the left, me on the right …”

Yunus Akgün said the harmony with Kerem Akturkoll, who performed effectively in Galatasaray last season, excited the fans.

Okan Buruk emphasized that he could play with Yunus if he had a chance, and Yunus said, “I think Kerem is on the left and I think the right is a lot of excitement for the fans. I have received a lot of messages. Expectations are very high. We are aware of that. We expect the match to start soon and play left and right, “he said.

The yellow-red soccer player gave an example of his performance with Kerem on the national team A, “The national team’s goals are a good example. We can score many goals for each other. The features excite people. Kerem I don’t want to leave the left, I don’t want to leave the right. ” I used the phrase.

Yunus explained that he likes the drip function and said, “It’s open to the right and comfortable, but you can also play at number 10.” He said.

Yunus Akgün describes the moment he faced Galatasaray in the Adana Demirspor jersey: He wept when he scored. He felt very strange. ” He told me.

Emphasizing that not playing well in Galatasaray’s game could lead to speculation, Yunus said, “I felt very sick after the game. I felt different when I won, but I have to show myself. It didn’t happen, so I’ll come. ” He said.

Yunus Akgun said that he looks physically like Antoine Griezmann, taking Lionel Messi as an example: “Everyone gets excited when the ball comes to Messi’s feet. That’s my goal. That’s it. ” I used the phrase.

“Balotelli isn’t as good as I expected,” said Yunus, who expressed his thoughts on Italy’s Mario Balotelli and Adana Demirspor’s teammates. Come and talk. I’m lucky to be able to play with him. He concludes.