Okan Buruk: Our only goal is to win the championship-TRT Spor

Galatasaray held the signing ceremony for the new director Okan Buruk at the NEF Stadium with the participation of President Dursun Özbek.

President Drusung Ozbek, “I am delighted that Galatasaray’s Okan Buruk has returned to his hometown. The reason he is here is not only because he is from Galatasaray, but also because he deserves to be here with success.” Said.

“I want to be a Galatasaray teacher. It’s a great honor and pride.” Okan Buruk says, “I said I would do my best to become a Galatasaray teacher. I am one of the happiest people in the world right now.” I used a phrase.

The headings for Dursun Özbek’s remarks are:

“Today is a new beginning for Galatasaray. We have gathered at the first step of our long-term plan. Thank you to all our fans. The combine has reached great sales speed and the lodge is full. Thank you. increase. .”

“I’m glad that Galatasaray’s Okan Buruk is back home, because he’s here not only because he’s from Galatasaray, but because he deserves to be here with success.”

“Our teacher Okan is here to experience May 3rd. He wore a Galatasaray jersey for the first time on May 17th and lifted the UEFA Cup with tears on May 17th. Okan is one of the youngest coaches to reach the championship in Turkey. We will be Galatasaray that we can all be proud of on this road we set out together. “

“Galatasaray, which we can all be proud of, is much closer to Okanhoja. We hope Okanhoja and his team will have endless success in this lofty work.”

“When will the plane land? We have experience from the past. Galatasaray has lived for the past 10 years. I and my management friends have a purpose. We have the success and finances of the sport. I want to make the structure sustainable. Such a structure does not bring success. You may have to sacrifice for years. Once you have financial independence. There must be a sustainable financial structure for every branch. We want to catch this line. At every branch. ”

“We made 10 transfers in 2017. The team won the championship both that year and the following year. We have experience from that period and our professional team is the same. Similar research. to hold.”

“We are trying to create the spirit of 2000. They gave Galatasaray an unforgettable four years and finally won the UEFA Cup. It was a period that should be taken as an example. The same spirit I hope to bring it again. “

The words of Okan Buruk are:

“I would like to extend my respect and affection to the great fans of Galatasaray. First, I would like to explain the size of our goals. We have inaugurated a respected president who is a very valuable management team for Galatasaray. Galatasaray fans are very excited. “

“The only goal of the year is to win the championship. We will do our best. We will try to eliminate the misfortunes that last season has brought to our fans as soon as possible. We want to do the right job and excite our fans. I am thinking. “”

“Our management is doing its best for the best staff.”

“Our fans have great expectations for the transfer. As a coach, I’m focused on the transfer. Our management is doing everything we can to build a good team.”

“I will sign Galatasaray on June 24th. It’s my son’s birthday. It’s the day I felt my father and signed Galatasaray as a coach. I congratulate him on his birthday. I wish him a good future. . ”

“We create a dominant football team. As I said, we create synergies with our fans and our only goal is to be a champion.”

“A good day is waiting for us.”

“I was in Floria yesterday. I never felt the atmosphere there again.I tried. As a soccer player, I had a very good day there. 7 Championships, UEFA Cup, Super Cup, 5 Turkish Cups. I had a very good day. I’m waiting for the day to win again this year. “

“I am one of the happiest people in the world”

“We can keep our faith high, we already have high faith. I’ve always said, maybe I overstated. It is a great honor and pride that I want to be a Galatasaray coach. He said he would do his best to become a Galatasaray coach. I am one of the happiest people in the world right now. “

“As a standard, we adhere to the championship. As former Galatasaray players. Recently, Fatty Hoja and Hamza Hoja. Championship champions. We can start psychologically well and maintain high faith. increase.”

“Fati’s teacher called me.”

“Fati Hoka is invaluable to me. We worked together for many years and won the championship. He called me yesterday and said” good luck “. He said he was ready to do his best. “

“I’m coming with my team with whom I’ve worked for many years. I have some additions. I’ll let you know as soon as possible.”

“Recruiting young players is very important. There is an example of Yunus Akgun in front of us, but we want to see and know the players in our first plan. Then we make a decision.”

“No midfield”

“This team has current major needs. We will focus specifically on the shortcomings of the midfield. We would like to add both Turkish and foreign players who directly benefit to the team.”

“We are looking to strengthen the midfield. We need players who can play both sides of the game. We need more players to keep the ball. We need quality players. Our job, we have determined players. Negotiations are quick. followed by”

“The opening was scheduled for July 4, but I pulled it on June 27. I will explain my goals and hopes. I have a plan. I will decide the training load.”

“If you have a trophy, Galatasaray’s goal is always to win that trophy.”

“I always kept Galatasaray.”

“I attended the Galatasaray Youth Audition in 1985. I am supported by Galatasaray from my family. I am from my deceased father Galatasaray. I have been serving Galatasaray for many years. I am a human being. Maybe there is a mistake. Maybe. I tried to underline. My mistake. I apologized. I accepted the mistake. “I always kept Galatasaray. I left as a champion in 2008. I’m Galatasaray. I’m here for. There are no expectations other than success. “

Striker statement from Burg …

“Embye Diagne is back from an injury. Check his situation. First we will look at Diagne, Gomis and Muhammed. Galatasaray needs to have a lot of players in this area. This area I played many double strikers. I will investigate their situation. ”

“We are thinking of four-way defense.”

“At Basakshehir, we used 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, and 4-4-2. We are considering four defenses. Look ahead depending on the type of player. Player intelligence. Is also very important. Efficiency from more games. Galatasaray is also very smart. There will be some formations. “

“We need to unite for the success of Galatasaray.”

“The biggest trump card on the way to the championship is our unity. Our fans always provide their support, but this year is the time to unite more. We are our personal ones. Should be set aside and united only for the success of Galatasaray. “

“It’s sad that I’m not in Europe …”

“It’s a pity we’re not in Europe, but we only play one match a week until the Turkish Cup begins. In this sense, every match should be considered a final. In Europe, we will focus. There are two lanes to be. “